Jason Colombino

Jason Colombino
Algebra I
82 Lessons
Collins Middle
Salem, MA
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Welcome to Algebra I!
Big Idea: The camera is zoomed way out to capture "the Grand Canyon" in this lesson: students are introduced to each other, the teacher, and to the exciting opportunities that await in Algebra I!
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Pre-Assessment of Skills
Big Idea: Students complete a unit pre-assessment aligned to assess preparation for the study of Algebra I. The assessment data will be used to differentiate and enrich the the curriculum!
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Visualizing the Standards for Mathematical Practice
Big Idea: Students create elaborate visualizations of Mathematical Practices in this Collaborative and Engaging Activity!
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BFFs: Domain and Range of Functions
Big Idea: Situations that are relevant to students' lives are modeled as students engage in learning about the domain and range of a function.
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The World's Language: Function Notation
Big Idea: Students learn about function notation by employing their knowledge in a variety of different contexts.
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Comparing Sequences by Form and by Pattern of Change
Big Idea: Students explore the Fibonacci sequence and other sequences to further their understanding of functions!
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Which Came First the Chicken or the Egg? Inverse Functions
Big Idea: Students construct their own understanding of inverse functions through an exploratory function sort!
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Functions in Everyday Situations: A MAP Project Challenge
Big Idea: A Classroom Activity challenges students to match various representations of functions to everyday situations!
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Sorting Functions
Big Idea: Students deepen their understanding through a sorting and matching task.
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What's Your Function?
Big Idea: Students create their own functions to model a situation relevant to their lives in this paired collaborative performance task!
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