Hilary Yamtich

Hilary Yamtich
12th Grade Math
146 Lessons
Lighthouse Community Charter
Oakland, CA
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Patchwork Tile Patterns
Big Idea: What happens to the patchwork pieces needed to create these designs as the size of the designs increases? Students jump right into problem-solving with the Practice standards on their first day!
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Investigating Linear and Nonlinear Tile Patterns
Big Idea: How many tiles will be in the 100th figure? Students develop their own shortcuts to find explicit rules for linear and nonlinear tile patterns.
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More Tile Patterns
Big Idea: Let's look at number patterns and geometric structure. Some students will look at number sequences to generate rules while others dig into the geometric structures. Great opportunity to explore equivalent expressions!
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Constant Speeds and Linear Functions
Big Idea: Is this person traveling at a constant speed? How can you tell? Students use intuition and background knowledge about speed to analyze data tables and find linear patterns.
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Linear and Nonlinear Functions
Big Idea: What is going on in this table? In this highly-differentiated lesson, some students focus deeply on linear functions while others start to look at more complicated nonlinear functions.
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Real World Relationships
Big Idea: As the temperature increases on a sunny day, what happens to the number of people on a beach? Students analyze and discuss graphs in pairs to develop ideas about what makes a relationship linear.
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Sketching Graphs for Real-World Situations
Big Idea: What will happen to the length of an object's shadow throughout the day? Students discuss this and other questions and attempt to represent these relationships using graph sketches.
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Slopes of Linear Functions
Big Idea: Given the slope of a line and a point on the line, what can you figure out? How can you find other points on the line?
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Different Forms of Linear Equations
Big Idea: What are different ways to write linear functions? Which ways are most helpful in different situations?
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Linear Function Designs
Big Idea: How can you create these linear designs? Students develop generalizations about slope and y-intercept in order to graph lines electronically that make given patterns.
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Verbal Descriptions of Linear and Nonlinear Functions
Big Idea: When x changes, how does y change? Students make generalizations about this relationship and justify their generalizations.
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Linear and Nonlinear Function Review and Portfolio
Big Idea: Give students the chance to put all the pieces together. Give them the chance to make connections between the ideas and skills of the unit.
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Linear and Nonlinear Functions Summative Assessment
Big Idea: Use the time that students are working on the summative assessment to give them informal narrative feedback which they appreciate and which helps shape the culture of the classroom.
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