Katharine Sparks

Katharine Sparks
12th Grade Math
132 Lessons
William Chrisman High
Independence, MO
Student Environment:
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First Day of Class
Big Idea: Through discussion and exploration students work together to begin developing a culture of learning mathematics.
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Discovering How to Learn Mathematics
Big Idea: By reading and discussing articles on studying mathematics, students can better understand the skill set needed to be successful in math class.
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I am Home and Stuck How Do I Get Help?
Big Idea: Through exploration good resources for getting help are found. Test internet tools such as online graphing calculators and common core tools to determine ease of use and accessibility.
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The Mathematical Practices
Big Idea: Through discussion of the mathematical practices students discover that everyone is a mathematician and mistakes are a chance to learn.
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Internet Tools Day 1 of 2
Big Idea: Through exploration students practice the basics of creating a Google Document then sharing the document on the Google Drive.
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Internet Tools Day 2 of 2
Big Idea: Through the use of Desmos Graphing Calculator and Googld docs, students develop a review sheet for the parent functions for common functions.
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