Rose Ortiz

Rose Ortiz
5th Grade ELA
132 Lessons
Vincent Shalvey Academy
Stockton, CA
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What? Getting Students to "Feel" a Story
Big Idea: By creating feelings and connections with characters in a text, readers become more involved in story events
  Favorites (142)   Resources (17)   Reflections (3)
A Pictures Says A Thousand Words
Big Idea: An author uses language and illustrations to influence the way readers think and feel about characters and events in a story.
  Favorites (81)   Resources (18)   Reflections (2)
The Power of Children: Making a Difference
Big Idea: Active readers recognize what they don’t understand and ask questions about a text as they read.
  Favorites (51)   Resources (16)   Reflections (1)
Looking from the Outside In and the Inside Out
Big Idea: Writers use different ways to share their messages with their audiences.
  Favorites (62)   Resources (15)   Reflections (1)
Ruby Bridges Biography -  What Happened Next?
Big Idea: We read to understand and learn.
  Favorites (29)   Resources (18)   Reflections (1)
What the heck is that? Inferring the Purpose of an Object
Big Idea: Learning comes from what we already know combined with what we can figure out.
  Favorites (123)   Resources (19)   Reflections (2)
Let's Play Charades! Applying Inference Skills Through Visual Clues
Big Idea: We can use clues in what we see around us to infer unknown meanings of events.
  Favorites (86)   Resources (15)   Reflections (2)
The artist was "imperturbable" when he painted the "idyll" scene....???
Big Idea: We can comprehend what we read if we understand the meaning of the words that are used.
  Favorites (73)   Resources (14)   Reflections (1)
Q-A-R - Understanding Where, Why, and What to Look For
Big Idea: When we know where to look for answers we can give better responses to the questions asked.
  Favorites (68)   Resources (16)   Reflections (2)
John Henry- A Man or a Myth?
Big Idea: We put together text clues—information in a text—and our schema—what we already know—to make inferences about a text.
  Favorites (43)   Resources (16)   Reflections (2)
Why was "The Road Not Taken"?
Big Idea: We can use text clues and schema to help us visualize what is happening in a poem.
  Favorites (335)   Resources (16)   Reflections (2)
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