James Dunseith

James Dunseith
12th Grade Math
77 Lessons
North High
Worcester, MA
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The Game of Greed
Big Idea: Sticky notes make this data set a manipulative that can be rearranged as student understandings of statistical representations evolve.
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The Mastermind Project, Day 1: How to Play
Big Idea: Is it possible to measure perseverance in problem solving? And how can we use data to show if we've made sense of something? We begin to explore these questions as the Mastermind Project begins.
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The Mastermind Project, Day 2: Choosing the Best Representation
Big Idea: A histogram is not the same thing as a bar graph, and that's a good thing. Also: Mastermind Trial #2.
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The Stroop Effect
Big Idea: Students are active participants in John Ridley Stroop's famous experiment, which provides them with tangible reasons for the shape, center, and spread of a data set to change.
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The Mastermind Project, Day 3: Gathering and Organizing Data
Big Idea: We've produced a great deal of data in just a few days of class! Now it's time to figure out how to make sense of it.
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The Mastermind Project, Day 4: Interpreting Data and Drawing Conclusions
Big Idea: The Mastermind Project serves as an introduction to the first three Mathematical Practices, as students use data to construct an argument and write a paper about their experiences playing the game.
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What's Wrong With Mean?
Big Idea: Standard deviation can be an opaque topic for students if it lacks context. Fortunately, it's possible to have some fun seeing why this powerful statistical tool was developed.
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Measures of Dispersion
Big Idea: One idea leads to another as students dig successively deeper into measures of dispersion.
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The Normal Distribution
Big Idea: Is it normal to be 6'6" tall?
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Review and Problem Solving
Big Idea: Review sessions are opportunities for students to collaborate and to reflect on what they've learned.
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Unit 1 Exam
Big Idea: An engaging writing prompt gives students a chance to practice constructing an argument that is supported by the data.
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