James Dunseith

James Dunseith
12th Grade Math
77 Lessons
North High
Worcester, MA
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Intro to Trigonometry / What is Similarity?
Big Idea: It all starts with vocabulary! The study of words and how precisely we can use them is one of the key structures introduced as this course begins.
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Course Structures and the Similar Triangles Project, Part 1
Big Idea: There are a few tools I use that help students own their experience in this class. Today I introduce them: some explicitly and some implicitly.
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The Similar Triangles Project, Part 2: Empirical and Theoretical Data
Big Idea: From empirical evidence to theoretical data.
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Definitions of the Trig Ratios and a Fascinating Chart
Big Idea: If similar triangles have congruent angles and proportional sides, then what is the relationship between these two properties?
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Finishing Up the Similar Triangles Project
Big Idea: It's time for students to synthesize what they've learned about the trigonometric ratios, precision, similarity, and patterns. Today's work period gives students a chance to clarify their thinking and to put it in writing.
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Solving Right Triangle Trig Problems
Big Idea: In this review lesson, students have the opportunity to solidify their knowledge of right triangle trigonometry by working on some of the classic problems of prior introductory trig units.
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Constructing an Equilateral Triangle
Big Idea: Throughout the semester, we will explore relationships between triangles and circles. Here, we start by using circles to make an equilateral triangle.
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Constructing Special Triangles on Geogebra
Big Idea: If one's goal is to make productive use of tools, then one must spend some time playing with those tools.
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Using Special Right Triangles and Spotting Some Patterns
Big Idea: What does it really mean to memorize something? To recognize the underlying structures and patterns, and to use them to make sense of and remember, conceptually, what is happening.
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