James Dunseith

James Dunseith
Algebra I
154 Lessons
North High
Worcester, MA
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Two Powerful Shapes
Big Idea: I want students to have as much power as possible in this class (and in their lives beyond it). Today, the course begins with an introduction to that idea.
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Number Tricks, Patterns, and How to Succeed in This Class
Big Idea: Everything is formative! Long before I collect my first student work, I give myself all sorts of opportunities to learn about my students and their habits of scholarship.
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How Can an Abstraction Show Me How Things Work?
Big Idea: Abstraction is a such an interesting word, because everyone does it, yet few know what the word means.
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Words and Abstractions
Big Idea: In order to figure out how to represent number tricks, we'll have to build up a language for doing so.
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Patterns and Abstractions
Big Idea: Ideally, students will begin to see some connections between number patterns and the words, symbols, and algebraic expressions of the Number Trick Project.
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How to Write a Pattern Rule
Big Idea: Continue to build those abstraction skills!
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How to Write a Number Trick
Big Idea: One of the hardest things about writing a number trick is that you have to be willing to abandon an idea that doesn't work in favor of one that does.
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Work Period: Patterns and The Number Trick Project
Big Idea: To cultivate a growth mindset is to understand that working hard is at least as valuable as being smart. I continue to show students what that means in today's class.
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Patterns Quiz and Project Work Time
Big Idea: A quiz should function as a learning opportunity at least as much as an assessment. The quiz policies in this class are structured accordingly.
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What's Wrong With PEMDAS?
Big Idea: It's easier to come to terms with a misconception when you know you're not in it alone.
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Problem Set: Number Lines
Big Idea: A number line gives us a way to visualize order of operations, bridging the gap between abstract and quantitative reasoning . As we begin, students pay close attention to scale.
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The Parentheses Challenge
Big Idea: Let's play a game: given an expression, can you place one set of parentheses that will give that expression the greatest possible value?
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