Michelle Schade

Michelle Schade
6th Grade Math
157 Lessons
Indian Trail Middle
Plainfield, IL
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1st day of school
Big Idea: In this lesson, I’m introducing students to the vocabulary and the practices. They will be looking at problems that support the practices and then trying out a problem to use the practices.
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2nd day of school
Big Idea: In this lesson the students will be working on MP 7 and 8 and applying it to multiplying and dividing by multiples of 10.
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3rd day of school
Big Idea: Students will be using an NCTM exemplar to enhance their learning with graphs, equations, time, patterns, and symbolic rules. They will be working at their own pace to enrich their understanding of math.
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Learning about stations
Big Idea: Using stations in class is a great way to work with the students in small groups while still engaging them in mathematical problems.
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Remembering Summer
Big Idea: Students will be working in stations creating a summer scene, working on basic math facts, and exploring SMP 2!
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