Lindsay Thompson

Lindsay Thompson
10th Grade ELA
127 Lessons
Fort Osage High
Independence, MO
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10th Grade English
157 Lessons
Geneva Community High School
Geneva, IL
10th Grade ELA
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Tucson, AZ
What does a fictional unicorn have to do with your 15 year old students?
Big Idea: Meet your students by identifying what makes them special.
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Introducing Workshop Model
Big Idea: Can high schools benefit from workshop style classroom?
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Building Reading Endurance:  Looking Around and Annotating
Big Idea: How do we build reading endurance?
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Building Reading Endurance:  Outlining, Summarizing and Analyzing
Big Idea: Reviewing skills helps us to build toward analysis
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Building Reading Endurance:  Repetitions and Patterns, Contexualize, and Compare and Contrast
Big Idea: Why is it so important for students to view literature through another lens?
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Writing: Creating an instructional booklet to reinforce learning
Big Idea: How do we get students to retain information?
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Building Toward Debate by Reading and Annotating: What time should school start?
Big Idea: If school started later, would we be better teachers and have better students?
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Debate:  What time should school start
Big Idea: When students participate in effective discussions, their thinking deepens.
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