Lindsay Thompson

Lindsay Thompson
10th Grade ELA
127 Lessons
Fort Osage High
Independence, MO
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157 Lessons
Geneva Community High School
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Deconstructing an argument to use as a model of good writing
Big Idea: Evaluating student work is awesome!
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Editorial Writing: Let's figure out how to improve our argument instead of raising our voice
Big Idea: How can we write an editorial that presents a solid argument?
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Google Docs:  The vehicle to take writing to a new level
Big Idea: Can Google Docs and other multi-media tools take reading and writing to the next level?
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Editorial Pre-writing and Research:  Google Doc Style
Big Idea: What's the difference between arguing and venting? Evidence!
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The Rough Draft: Google Doc Style
Big Idea: Can we develop ideas for our argument by evaluating the writing of other people?
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The Rough Draft and Collaborative Revision:  Google Doc Style
Big Idea: Can we continue to work collaboratively to strengthen our argument?
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Editorial Publishing Party: Celebrating our Success and Submitting to a Contest
Big Idea: When students share their writing they develop intrinsic motivation.
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Argument: What is it about these Editorials that Makes them Winners?
Big Idea: What takes an editorial from "good" to "wow"?
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Taking Time for Summative Assessment:  What Have We Learned So Far and Can We Prove it on a Performance Task?
Big Idea: Following a multi-step procedure helps students independently write an argumentative essay
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