Keith Wright

Keith  Wright
High School Chemistry
80 Lessons
Hampshire Reg High
Westhampton, MA
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Scale and Powers of Ten
Big Idea: Scientists use instruments and metric units to quantify and understand the size of objects from huge to tiny.
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Precision vs. Accuracy
Big Idea: Precision describes the repeatability of measurements, while accuracy refers to how closely the measurement mirrors the actual value that is being measured.
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Types of Matter
Big Idea: Most matter can be classified as mixtures, compounds, or elements.
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Magnetism and Complex Text
Big Idea: Magnetism is a physical property that can be used to study how something is made.
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Eating Nails for Breakfast
Big Idea: Magnetism is a tool that can be used to extract metals from mixtures.
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Big Idea: Density, the ratio of mass to volume, is a tool that can be used to describe and identify substances.
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Big Idea: The rate of solubility, the amount of a solute that will dissolve in a solvent in a given period of time, is dependent upon chemical composition, quantity, and temperature.
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Leaf Chromatography
Big Idea: Mixtures can be separated into their constituent compounds using paper chromatography.
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Phase Change
Big Idea: Phase changes result in rearrangement of a substance's particles and changes in the particles' energy. A phase change diagram shows temperature and phase changes do not happen concurrently.
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Boiling Point
Big Idea: Every liquid has a boiling point, which is the temperature at which liquids turn from a liquid to a gas. Boiling points can be used to identify unknown liquids.
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Chemical Change
Big Idea: Chemical change involves turning one or more substances into different substances with different properties
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