Tanesha Dixon

Tanesha Dixon
8th Grade Social Studies
Wheatley Education Campus
Washington, DC
Student Environment:
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About Tanesha

I answered my calling to teach after volunteering in East Africa as a primary school teacher. After graduating from Notre Dame as a psychology major, I enrolled in a Master’s Program in Secondary Social Education and began my journey. During the early part of my career as a teacher, I was happy and test scores grew, but I was not able to reach and truly teach every student. I found that I was teaching to the middle. I tried different strategies but found blended and personalized learning through a station rotation model engaged students, increased their agency and accountability, and provided a way for me to teach and reach all of my students at their middle. Following brief direct instruction, students rotate through three stations: small group instruction, collaborative learning and independent work. At each station, students work either with a teacher, group or individually towards content mastery. The key levers are student self pacing, choice and small group instruction. Through a mix of student choice and teacher facilitation, I have been able to activate learning and drive acceleration towards academic achievement.
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