Tiffany Dawdy

Tiffany Dawdy
12th Grade Math
154 Lessons
Camelback High School
Phoenix, AZ
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Getting to Know You, Getting to Know All About You...
Big Idea: Celebrate the end of summer as students and teachers get to know each other by tossing a beach ball around.
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Ahoy team! What can you see? Finding functions.
Big Idea: Students improve their teamwork skills by gathering and analyzing data to investigate a linear model.
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Function Zoo - Basic Function Families
Big Idea: Students use their animal kingdom knowledge and organizational skills to make sense of the many types of functions we will see in this course.
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Parent Functions
Big Idea: Students organize their prior knowledge of basic functions while learning some calculator basics.
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Shifting Functions: How do they move?
Big Idea: Students organize their knowledge of basic functions, then determine how functions can move and how this affects their equation and graphs.
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Shifting Functions: How can we describe them?
Big Idea: Students apply their newly acquired knowledge of shifting functions while reviewing how to describe the key features of the graphs.
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Dicey Functions Day 1: Piecewise functions are basic functions... just cut up!
Big Idea: Working in teams, students explore piece-wise functions in this self-paced activity that emphasizes MP2: Reasoning Abstractly and Quantitatively.
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Dicey Functions Day 2: Piecewise functions are basic functions... just cut up!
Big Idea: Teams explore piecewise functions on Day 2 of this self-paced activity with built in checks for understanding.
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Fun with Functions: Basic Inverse and Function Operations
Big Idea: Students learn different function operations with a colorful teacher-led presentation that engages students with tons of practice.
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Compositions in Context
Big Idea: Students first become quick function composers with a relay game and then work to see how composite functions can be used to model cell phone bills.
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Inundated with Inverses: Restricting the Range of an Inverse (Day 1 of 2)
Big Idea: Working with a team, students fold paper to find the inverse of functions they already know and then learn to restrict the range of these inverses to make them functions.
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Inundated with Inverses: Algebraic Inverse and Composition to Verify (Day 2 of 2)
Big Idea: Students build on intuitive process of finding inverses to develop an algebraic process then explore how composition of functions relates to inverses.
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Jeopardy: Basic Functions
Big Idea: Fun (and basic function review) is what this lesson is all about. Students need to bring their thinking caps to win this game of jeopardy!
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Review Day
Big Idea: This lesson, driven by a 3-2-1 assessment, helps students to review past learning and continue to make new connections.
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Test Review
Basic Functions Test
Big Idea: Assess students' knowledge of basic function concepts.
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