Martha Soto

Martha Soto
11th Grade ELA
147 Lessons
Edward R. Roybal Learning Center
Los Angeles, CA
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Introduction to Their Eyes Were Watching God
Big Idea: Helping students find a comfortable entry point to this complex novel.
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A Quest For Autonomy in Their Eyes Were Watching God
Big Idea: Janie's quest for autonomy begins now
  Favorites (12)   Resources (17)   Reflections (1)
The Hand We Are Dealt
Big Idea: Sometimes we are dealt a good hand and sometimes we are not. Still, there is always a chance of "winning the game" if you play it right.
  Favorites (11)   Resources (13)   Reflections (1)
Getting A Larger Picture of the Hand Janie Was Dealt
Big Idea: As we examine the development of someone's quest for autonomy we have to ask two important questions: what choices does this person have and what is the quality of these choices?
  Favorites (4)   Resources (12)   Reflections (1)
Evaluating The Hand Janie Was Dealt in Their Eyes Were Watching God
Big Idea: No matter how bad a hand we are dealt, there are always choices that can help us beat the odds.
  Favorites (2)   Resources (16)   Reflections (1)
Introduction To Feminist Theory
Big Idea: A nonthreatening text works to illustrate complex ideas.
  Favorites (12)   Resources (13)   Reflections (1)
Questioning Technique To Further Explore Autonomy
Big Idea: Questioning leads to deeper understanding.
  Favorites (5)   Resources (14)   Reflections (1)
Their Eyes Were Watching God, a Feminist Novel
Big Idea: Taking a bird’s eye view of a text to further understand its everlasting power in American literature.
  Favorites (4)   Resources (12)   Reflections (1)
Edit Written Analysis of Feminism in Their Eyes Were Watching God
Big Idea: Fighting the urge to give up when the task is challenging.
  Favorites (4)   Resources (10)   Reflections (1)
Follow Up: The Hand Janie Was Dealt in Their Eyes Were Watching God
Big Idea: A quest for autonomy seldom follows a straight path.
  Favorites (2)   Resources (10)   Reflections (1)
Wrapping Up After Marathon Reading Last Seven Chapters
Big Idea: Concurrently working on finishing several assignments to tie up some loose ends.
  Favorites (1)   Resources (11)   Reflections (1)
Taking A Quiz And Editing Writing
Big Idea: Multiple ways of digesting a novel we just read.
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