Martha Soto

Martha Soto
11th Grade ELA
147 Lessons
Edward R. Roybal Learning Center
Los Angeles, CA
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Introduction to Identity
Big Idea: Identifying the details that truly make up who we are helps students understand the concept of identity
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Social Identity - Finding Connections
Big Idea: Finding common ground highlights the significance of concepts like Identity.
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Developing a Research Question
Big Idea: Research guided by questions students generate themselves is more meaningful for them.
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Annotate a Text For Purposeful Reading
Big Idea: Student annotations map their thinking process as they make meaning of a text.
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Small Group Discussion of Annotated Text
Big Idea: Four brains are better than one. Students need to use class discussions to help them get a better handle on texts they are reading.
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Digging Deeper - Deconstructing the Author's Argument
Big Idea: Fleshing out the bones of an argument is essential in deconstructing that argument.
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Author's Tone
Big Idea: It's in the tone– How does the author really feel about stereotyping?
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The "In" Group
Big Idea: Repeated opportunities to engage with a text helps deal with challenging notions of "In" Groups.
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Essay and Sentence Structure
Big Idea: Effective writers have powerful linguistic moves we can imitate.
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Analyzing an Image
Big Idea: We can read images, much like we can read a text.
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Formulating Questions About an Image
Big Idea: Students are guided to realize that, in Frida Khalo's paining, her dress hangs there because it is an expression of her identity.
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Just Walk On By
Big Idea: Annotating to deconstruct an argument is a skill that needs to be practiced.
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The Structure of "Just Walk On By"
Big Idea: Studying the structure of effective arguments will help us structure our own.
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TED Talk on The Power of Fiction to Combat Identity Politics
Big Idea: The power of multimedia can provide the image and audio inspiration to jump start a lengthy writing assignment.
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