Amanda Hathaway

Amanda Hathaway
Algebra I
101 Lessons
William J. Ostiguy
Boston, MA
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First Day of Class - The Marshmallow Challenge
Big Idea: First day challenge! Students work in small groups to build the highest structure that will support a single marshmallow.
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How Does This Math Class Work?  Creating a Positive Classroom Climate
Big Idea: Students help create a positive learning environment with a focus on respecting each other's ideas, working in flexible groups, and focusing on the math!
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Generating Student Discourse
Big Idea: Students generate classroom norms and then practice them in a discussion about a math riddle.
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What Makes Something a Pattern?
Big Idea: Can you figure out the pattern? If you can, what can you do with it? Students learn how to write rules for patterns and explore how these rules can help us predict future events.
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The Broken Eggs
Big Idea: Students work on their first math riddle. This lesson gives them the opportunity to solve a problem in different ways and spend some time explaining their own, unique mathematical thinking.
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Introduction to Functions
Big Idea: What's happening inside that machine? Students are introduced to a "function machine" as a metaphor in order to begin to understand the concept of functions and how they work.
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Tables, Words, and Equations
Big Idea: Three representations that mean the same thing! Students learn to move between tables, rules in words, and equations in this engaging lesson.
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A Communication Challenge
Big Idea: What's so important about communicating and working together? Students explore what it means to communicate in math class in order to solve a group challenge.
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Mystery Bags Game
Big Idea: How many ounces of gold are in that bag? Students use a pan balance model to solve simple linear equations.
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Writing About Math in the Cafeteria
Big Idea: Doing the math backwards and forwards! Students solve a complex word problem and examine written work about problem solving to improve their math writing skills.
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Post-It Note Equations
Big Idea: Students arrange and rearrange post it notes to explore the structure of multi-step equations.
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Solving for x
Big Idea: How do I get x alone? Students compare linear equations in one variable to linear equations in two variables and solve for x in both cases.
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Inequalities: True or False?
Big Idea: Is 4 always less than 6? Students explore what happens when they perform the same operation on both sides of an inequality.
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The Great Inequality Debate
Big Idea: Which expression greater? How do you know? Students think deeply about inequality relationships and the properties of inequalities.
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