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Using Data

Students discuss in a group.
Rabbi David Saltzman Ed.D May 2, 2022

Using a Strategy Showcase to Create a Collaborative Teacher Community

Examine ways leaders can help teachers who did not have the chance to participate in coaching grow before next year's coaching cycle begins....
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Smiling teacher working with young student.
Amber Orenstein April 4, 2022

Driving Measurable Outcomes – Why We’re Teaming Up with TeachFX

BetterLesson and TeachFX partner to give teachers data that can reveal key details about the rigor, engagement, and equity in a classroom....
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Students working in library
Jamie Poskin, Liz Russillo, Amber Orenstein, Romain Bertrand March 29, 2022

BetterLesson Live | The Importance of Student Discourse: From Awareness to Ownership with TeachFX and BetterLesson

Join us to explore ways leaders can support teachers to instantly gain actionable data and guidance to improve student discourse and guide differentiation....
Teacher filling out form.
Romain Bertrand November 10, 2021

8 Simple Ways Data Can Be Used to Personalize Instruction

What do you do with all this student data? Watch videos of real classrooms to learn 8 simple ways to use data to personalize instruction....
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Students working in library
Romain Bertrand October 20, 2021

BetterLesson Live | From Assessment of Learning to Assessment as Learning

Watch a webinar about systems and strategies to shift mindsets and practices around assessments....
Group of students working together.
Romain Bertrand October 20, 2021

From Assessment of Learning to Assessment as Learning: Making Differentiation Finally Manageable

Learn about ways to use formative assessment as a lever of manageable and sustainable differentiation....
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Happy school leader on video call.
Kennedy Schultz April 6, 2021

Leadership Lessons: How to Use Data to Self-Reflect and Build Trust with Educators

Thoughtful analysis goes a long way in building trust and responsive relationships. Read how 3 educators paused to reflect on data and improve their practice....
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School leader reviews documents.
Caitlin MacLeod-Bluver July 1, 2020

Stop the Slide: Using Data-Driven Instruction to Address Academic Gaps

Whether you are a teacher, coach, or leader, you can use data-driven instruction to address academic gaps and the "slide."...
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Data graph.
Krystal Bankston October 30, 2018

The Power of Data: Instructional Strategies to Help You Create a Data-Driven Classroom

Learn how to utilize data to shift instructional practices and inform and drive every aspect of education....
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