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Student-Centered Literacy

BetterLesson October 30, 2023

Episode 1: The Reading Wars

Join BetterLesson CEO Matt Kennard and guests Jenna Keaney and Alaina Mackell discuss balanced literacy, Lucy Calkins, state reading legislation, the Science of Reading, and the best ways to make a shift in your reading curriculum....
Nikki Alvarez August 25, 2023

Not Just Phonics: Creating Lifelong Learners with the Science of Reading

Uncover the influence of the Science of Reading in education and bridge the gap between theory and practice to creating lifelong learners....
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Tuesday, August 29, 2023 | 4:00pm EST

Building Strong Readers: Bridging Research and Practice with the Science of Reading

Learn how the Science of Reading empowers educators to make evidence-based instructional choices that positively impact student learning and contribute to building a literate society....
Man helping student with writing
Ira Stillwell February 16, 2022

Inclusivity Starts with You: Helping Your Teachers Reach Students with Disabilities

District leaders ensure classroom and school cultures are inclusive, responsive, and supportive spaces for students with disabilities....
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Smiling teacher working with young student.
Caitlin MacLeod-Bluver March 10, 2020

3 Tenets of Culturally Responsive Secondary Literacy Instruction

Learn 3 ways secondary teachers can take a culturally responsive approach to literacy instruction....
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Sarah Bayer October 22, 2019

Infusing Student-Centered Literacy Practices into an Established Curriculum

Student-centered literacy practices in the classroom are easier than you think with these strategies you can implement today....
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Christine Scoppa October 15, 2019

Empowering Students to Take Ownership of Their Reading Comprehension

Implement student ownership of their reading comprehension with these effective reading program strategies. ...
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Aimee Tolleson October 8, 2019

Scaffolding Academic Discussions for English Language Learners

Reading and writing can be daunting for English learners, but scaffolding discussions can improve skills and generate a sense of belonging. ...
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Pencil and ruler.
Christine Scoppa October 1, 2019

How Instructional Coaches Can Support Teachers in the Writing Process

Instructional coaches can best support their colleagues by sharing strategies for providing students with choice in the writing process. Learn how....
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