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Teacher leads classroom discussion with students with text relating to 'Lessons Plans for March.'
Matt Homrich-Knieling February 28, 2024

Sunday Scaries March: Lessons & Strategies for March

Explore this lesson plans list featuring resources relating to World Teen Mental Wellness Day, International Women’s Day, and more in March!...
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Teacher Talk podcast episode featuring Jessi Anderson
February 9, 2024

Episode 5: Teacher Talk with Jessi Anderson

Dive into this educational podcast discussing the significance of science education, integrating AI in classrooms, and more!...
Engaged students participating in hands-on learning activity, accompanied by text 'Creating a Student-Centered Math Classroom.'
Matt Homrich-Knieling February 2, 2024

Creating a Student-Centered Math Classroom

Looking to create a Student-Centered Math Classroom? These tips and strategies will help you get started today!...
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Matt Homrich-Knieling January 28, 2024

Sunday Scaries February: Lessons & Strategies for February

Explore educational lesson plans associated with Black History Month, President's Day, and more in February!...
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Classroom scene with students raising hands eagerly, titled 'Lessons Strategies List for the New Year' as part of the 'Sunday Scaries' blog series.
Matt Homrich-Knieling January 7, 2024

Sunday Scaries January: Lessons & Strategies for the New Year

Kick off the new year with educational lesson plans and instructional strategies on classroom routines, goal-setting, and more in January!...
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December 12, 2023

Episode 3: Teacher Talk with Monica Washington

Join BetterLesson Director of Solution Design for a "Teacher Talk" with 2014 Texas Teacher of the Year and 2023 National Teacher Hall of Fame Inductee Monica Washington. In this episode, they talk about the best (and worst) advice they received as teachers, what the first day of teaching felt like, as well as favorite strategies to use on those low-energy days. ...
Leah V. Herzog, M.Ed. June 12, 2023

Using KWL (Know-Wonder-Learned) Strategies to Support Student-Centered Text Study in Jewish Day Schools

One of the most prevalent challenges for Jewish Studies teachers is teaching texts. Using the KWL strategy as an instructional framework, together with elements of Tiered Vocabulary, have proven effective....
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Meirav Kravetz June 12, 2023

The Power of Personalized Learning Using Student-Centered Strategies in Jewish Day Schools

Personalized Learning and one-on-one Coaching can be hugely influential in the success of Jewish Day Schools....
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Matt Homrich-Knieling May 10, 2023

Maintaining Student Engagement Through the End of the School Year with Reflection-Based Projects

The school year is winding down, but that doesn’t have to mean students are disengaged! We’ve compiled a list of reflection-based activities to maintain student engagement through the end of the year....
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