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Romain Bertrand April 13, 2022

The Value Instructional Coaching Brings to Self-Guided Learning

When coaching is available to support self-directed learning, six key things occur for educators....
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April 12, 2022

BetterLesson Live | Preparing New Teachers and Paraprofessionals Series

Join us for this bite-size webinar series alongside industry experts to learn strategies to inspire new teachers and paras to support all students....
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March 29, 2022

BetterLesson Live | The Importance of Student Discourse: From Awareness to Ownership with TeachFX and BetterLesson

Join us to explore ways leaders can support teachers to instantly gain actionable data and guidance to improve student discourse and guide differentiation....
Teacher talking to student.
Daniel Guerrero March 1, 2022

Talking About Difficult Topics in the News: Instructional Supports for Discussing the War in Ukraine

As educators navigate the understandable questions and emotions that conflict, humanitarian crisis and difficult topics in the news can bring, this guide offers key considerations to support the needs of all stakeholders....
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Matthew Kennard February 8, 2022

The Future of Professional Learning is Connected: Introducing BL Connect

We'd like to introduce BL Connect: an online learning platform that gives access to a course library tailored to the needs of the teacher....
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BetterLesson January 12, 2022

I Wish My Principal Knew…: Former Teachers on Ways to Prevent Teacher Burnout

Supportive leadership can make the difference in helping teachers avoid burnout. Hear from former educators on ways principals can support their teams....
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Students use devices in a classroom.
April Brown January 5, 2022

Encouraging Education Leaders to Help Teachers to Get Curious About Behavior

When teachers think about the reason behind student behavior, they can often gain insight into proactive solutions to help students self-regulate....
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Rabbi David Saltzman Ed.D January 4, 2022

Striving For Excellence: Why We Chose Coaching with BetterLesson

How can educational leaders offer personalized growth opportunities, guidance, and coaching for every teacher? That's where BetterLesson comes in....
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December 22, 2021

BetterLesson Live | 3 Pillars of Teacher Retention and Sustainable Growth

Watch simple leadership strategies that prove effective in supporting the retention and recruitment of teachers....