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Collaborative Professional Learning

Group of teachers looking at project on table
Kennedy Schultz June 22, 2022

Leading a Successful PLC

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) are an effective way to tackle school challenges. Learn how to help your school set your PLCs up for success....
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BetterLesson June 17, 2022

Instructional Coaching Successes at BetterLesson

Hear from some of our BetterLesson coaches about their coaching successes this school year....
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Educators collaborating.
Kennedy Schultz May 20, 2022

How Leaders Can Start a PLC

Learn how leaders can overcome the most common challenges to implementing PLCs, from finding the time to gather to identifying the most pressing issues....
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Students discuss in a group.
Rabbi David Saltzman Ed.D May 2, 2022

Using a Strategy Showcase to Create a Collaborative Teacher Community

Examine ways leaders can help teachers who did not have the chance to participate in coaching grow before next year's coaching cycle begins....
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Romain Bertrand April 13, 2022

The Value Instructional Coaching Brings to Self-Guided Learning

When coaching is available to support self-directed learning, six key things occur for educators....
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Educators collaborating.
Kennedy Schultz April 6, 2022

What is a PLC?

What is a PLC? Develop strong collaborative teams by understanding the what, who, and why of a professional learning community....
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Happy woman on video call.
Ira Stillwell March 11, 2022

Try-Measure-Learn: The Coaching Process in Action

Try-Measure-Learn encourages teachers to try something new, measure the outcomes, and implement their learning in a judgment-free space....
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Teacher filling out form.
Matthew Kennard February 8, 2022

The Future of Professional Learning is Connected: Introducing BL Connect

We'd like to introduce BL Connect: an online learning platform that gives access to a course library tailored to the needs of the teacher....
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Group of students working together.
Morgan Atkins January 14, 2022

Competency-Based Learning: How to Build a Culture of Self-Assessment (and Get Students On Board)

How do we build a culture where students self-assess meaningfully? Here are three key steps for bringing self-assessment to life....
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