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Accelerating Growth

BetterLesson October 30, 2023

Episode 1: The Reading Wars

Join BetterLesson CEO Matt Kennard and guests Jenna Keaney and Alaina Mackell discuss balanced literacy, Lucy Calkins, state reading legislation, the Science of Reading, and the best ways to make a shift in your reading curriculum....
Nikki Alvarez August 25, 2023

Not Just Phonics: Creating Lifelong Learners with the Science of Reading

Uncover the influence of the Science of Reading in education and bridge the gap between theory and practice to creating lifelong learners....
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Tuesday, August 29, 2023 | 4:00pm EST

Building Strong Readers: Bridging Research and Practice with the Science of Reading

Learn how the Science of Reading empowers educators to make evidence-based instructional choices that positively impact student learning and contribute to building a literate society....
Teacher reading to young students.
BetterLesson December 2, 2022

Special Education Day: 5 Classroom Strategies for Leaders and Teachers

Special Education Day recognizes the United States’ first special education law. Here are 5 useful classroom strategies for special education leaders and teachers to use for student growth. ...
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Tuesday, September 20, 2022 | 4:00pm EST

Designing Effective PLCs to Increase Student Achievement and Teacher Collaboration

Learn simple leadership strategies that support better collaboration and create more effective professional learning communities in your district....
Students use devices in a classroom.
Shawna Smith August 25, 2022

Addressing Unfinished Learning this School Year

A veteran teacher shares tips for addressing unfinished learning to ensure long-term student success in the 2022-23 school year....
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Teacher reading to young students.
Romain Bertrand August 15, 2022

Approaches to Accelerate Growth While Tackling Unfinished Learning

Three asset-based approaches to help educators accelerate student growth while addressing the lingering effects of unfinished learning....
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Teacher helping group of students use tablet
Morgan Atkins, Bryanna Costello July 30, 2022

How One Teacher Created a Culture of Growth with Goal Setting and BetterLesson

See how one teacher created a culture of feedback with her students in order to drive their academic growth....
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June 29, 2022

Modernizing Principal Support: The Road to More Connected and Effective Leaders

Explore how principals can accelerate student learning through instructional leadership focused on increasing educator capacity in a webinar hosted by BetterLesson and Edweek....