Book Review with Adobe Spark Page

Students evaluate a book and create a book review

About This Strategy

This 2.5-hour strategy helps students combine design with their analysis of a novel. Students evaluate a novel and present their ideas by creating an Adobe Spark Page. This strategy can be used with any novel or book.

Because Adobe Spark Page allows students to create professional-looking multimedia presentations, this strategy empowers students to demonstrate analytical skills in a deep and meaningful way. To extend this strategy, students could use Adobe InDesign to turn their book review into a newspaper or magazine article!

Supporting Tools and Resources

  • Student Sample
  • Adobe Spark Page

  • Adobe InDesign

  • Editable Resource Bundle

  • PDF Resource Bundle

Outline for Teachers

150 minutes


Students learn about what makes a great book review (Think, Connect, Evaluate, and Recommend). Teachers could extend this by offering an anecdote of when they’ve used a book review to choose (or not choose) a book. Students learn about the components and process of a book review using the student template. Students will select 1-2 focus areas to build a book review, which must include their opinion and analysis. (20 minutes)


Students evaluate a novel they read using the template to organize their ideas. (60 minutes)


Students use their notes to create an Adobe Spark Page Presentation Book Review. They use these steps to guide them. Students can examine an example here, and read/watch a tutorial.  (60 minutes)


Students share and publish their book reviews. (10 minutes)

Steps for Students

You will create a book review presentation using Adobe Spark Page.  A book review's purpose is to help people decide whether or not a book would interest them enough to read it. Reviews are a sneak peek at a book, not a summary. Book reviews lure readers to want to taste the book themselves.

By publishing your review using Adobe Spark,  you can share your ideas about books with other readers by creating professional-looking multimedia presentations.


1. Take a look at these questions to support you to write a book review. As you read, consider: (20 minutes)

  • The basic purpose of a book review is to help readers decide whether to read the book themselves. A book review should identify the central idea of the book and offer an overall evaluation.

  • How will your book review help others decide if they should or should not read this book?

2. Evaluate your story and begin to write your book review. Use the Book Review Template to organize your review. As you organize your book review using the template, remember: (60 minutes)

  • You do not need to include every section in the template.  

  • Choose the topics from the template that best  fit this particular book.

    • Include information from at least 1-2 other areas in your final product (General Information, Plot, Characters, Theme, and Setting).

  • Because this is a Book Review, you must complete the Opinion and Analysis section

    • Include a quote from the book that supports your analysis.

Be sure to review the rubric before getting started.

3. Open up Adobe Spark Page and create your Book Review! (60 minutes)

Your first slide should have an original title for your book review, as well as the name of the novel and the author. The title of the review should convey your overall impression and not be overly general. Strong titles include these examples:

  • "Full of action and complex characters"

  • "A nail-biter that will keep you up all night"

  • "Beautiful illustrations with a story to match"

  • "Perfect for animal lovers"

Each section from your Book Review Template should have a slide in your review. Take a look at this student example if you need additional ideas. 

As you create each section, decide if you will add an image to go alongside your text. You do not need to include a photo in each section, but photos add an engaging element to your presentation.

4. Share your Book Review as directed by your instructor.

Optional Extension:  Using Adobe InDesign, turn your book review into a professional looking newspaper/magazine article.

Rubric for Successful Analysis

Consult the attached rubric in order to evaluate students' book reviews.