Create Your Own Island with Adobe Spark Page

Students create a Spark Page that outlines the new political, social, and economic goals of their island
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About This Strategy

This 2-hour strategy asks students to imagine that they are on a deserted island and are tasked with creating their ideal society as they ponder various forms of political, social, and economic systems. Students will curate their thinking and present using Adobe Spark Page. You can adapt this strategy to multiple fields of, students can work individually or in groups, and this strategy can be adapted for use with Adobe Acrobat.

Because Adobe Spark Page empowers students to curate and embed visual and audio sources quickly, students develop digital fluency as they demonstrate their learning with a deep multimedia analysis of comparative political, social, and economic principles.

Supporting Tools and Resources

  • Student sample
  • Adobe Spark Page

  • Adobe Acrobat

  • Editable Resource Bundle

  • PDF Resource Bundle

Outline for Teachers

120 minutes


Students use prior knowledge to brainstorm character traits of various forms of leaders. (20 minutes)


Students consider their understanding of human nature and the relationship between government and its citizens to evaluate character traits of ideal leadership. (10 minutes)

Optional Extension: Deepen your conversations by annotating an excerpt of Niccolo Machiavelli’s The Prince in Adobe Acrobat DC to examine his theory on whether it is more important for a leader to be feared or loved. For more help on how to get started with Adobe Acrobat DC, click here.


Students create an Adobe Spark Page that imagines the new political, social, and economic goals on their deserted island using these steps to guide them. (90 minutes)

Have students complete a first draft before providing this example.


Students share and publish their work in Adobe Spark Pages as directed by their teacher.

Steps for Students

Imagine that you, and several other people, have been shipwrecked on a deserted tropical island with abundant sources of food such as fruit trees, fish, and land for agriculture. The time has come for leaders to emerge who will organize how the work and responsibilities are divided. It is up to you to develop this new society. Create an Adobe Spark Page that outlines the new political, social, and economic goals of your island. 

Because Adobe Spark Page is fun and user-friendly, this tool will help you create rich multimedia presentations to share messages and powerful stories in a web page designed for your intended audiences.


1. Brainstorm two lists of responses to the prompts below as a class: (30 minutes)

  • List 1: Identify/Brainstorm a list of various positions that call for leadership. (ex: coach, government official, etc)

  • List 2: What skills, traits, or powers do you think help a leader to get ahead or get things done?

After creating each list, discuss the following:

  • Do the skills, traits, or powers on the second list match with what you might expect of those  who you listed on the first list? Explain.

  • What traits or characteristics do you think are most important for leaders to possess?

2. You are stranded on a desert island with a group of people as a result of a shipwreck. The time has come for leadership to organize effective systems and structures to make your new society run smoothly. Work in small groups to brainstorm what an ideal society might look like based on your understanding of leadership, human nature, and the purpose of government. Create an Adobe Spark Page that outlines the new political, social, and economic goals of your island. (90 minutes)

Use the questions provided  below to guide your discussion of how you will set up this new society. You can capture your thoughts using this graphic organizer.  When you are done, create a name for your island that reflects the type of system you have developed.

Consider some of the following questions as you create your plans:

  • Leadership:

    • What personality traits do you think it is most important for your leader to possess?

    • Do you think it is better for a leader to be feared or loved? Why? 

    • What style of leadership is most important based on your understanding of human nature?

    • How will future leadership be chosen?

  • Basic Needs

    • Are there some basic rights that you believe should be guaranteed for all? If so, what are they?

    • What is the relationship between citizens and the leadership/government? What can they expect from each other?

    • How might laws be enforced?

  • Land/Distribution/Location

    • Will the land be privately owned? If so, who gets it and how?

    • Should the land be owned by everyone together? Should you divide it up and distribute it? If so, should it be divided equally? What constitutes equal?

    • Where on the island should you live? (Draw/Include a map.)

    • Should you consider the needs of the environment? How?

    • Who has rights to the water? 

    • What natural resources will be used to produce goods? Will there be rules governing use of natural resources? Why or why not? 

  • Labor

    • What work must be done? Who should do these jobs? What about the jobs that nobody likes?

    • Overall, what will be produced? How will it be produced? For whom will it be produced? Who will make those decisions (government, individuals or a mix)?

  • Capital

    • What kind of capital (tools, machines, etc.) will be used to produce goods? How will this capital be attained?

Before creating in Adobe Spark Page, review the rubric to determine work product expectations and submit a draft of your ideas to your teacher. 

After your teacher has reviewed your work, you might also check out this student example for more inspiration.  If you would like a  quick tutorial on how to use Adobe Spark Page, go here or watch this quick tutorial video.

3. Share and publish your work in Adobe Spark Pages as directed by your teacher.

Rubric for Successful Analysis

Consult the attached rubric in order to evaluate students' pages.