Visual Character Sketch with Adobe Spark Post

Students create a visual character sketch
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About This Strategy

This 1.5-hour strategy helps students answer big questions about a character for a piece of narrative fiction writing. In this strategy, students create a visual character sketch using Adobe Spark Post. This strategy can be used for any character sketch or analysis.

Because Adobe Spark Post enables creativity and simplistic graphics, this strategy empowers students to demonstrate their character sketch in a creative and unique way. For more control over your graphics, Adobe Illustrator could be used instead.

Supporting Tools and Resources

  • Student sample
  • Adobe Spark Post

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Editable Resource Bundle

  • PDF Resource Bundle

Outline for Teachers

90 minutes


Students learn what a character sketch is by examining the student template directions and the value of doing a character sketch when writing a narrative. (10 minutes)


Students answer questions on the student template to help them develop a character in a piece of narrative fiction writing. (45 minutes)


Students use Adobe Spark Post (or Adobe Illustrator) to create a visual character sketch. They use these steps to guide them. Students can examine an example here, and read guidance here, or watch a tutorial here.  (45 minutes)


Students share and publish their post.

Steps for Students

Get inside your character’s head by answering questions about them. Developing your characters will help develop your narrative. In this strategy, you will create a visual character sketch using Adobe Spark Post.

Adobe Spark Post allows you to create a  snapshot of your character. This will  not only highlight the physical aspects of your character, but will help you to see the character outside of your narrative. Use your character sketch as a consultant while writing your narrative to ensure your character’s personality is consistent throughout your story!


1. Review the character sketch template. Take a character from the narrative you are writing and examine them more closely to help develop their character. You will create a visual character sketch using the information from this template. This will help you (the author) develop in-depth knowledge of your character while you  create a consistent and engaging character. (10 minutes)

Prior to beginning, review the rubric in order to understand expectations.

2. Determine which character you will create a character sketch for. Answer the questions on the character sketch template. Think deeply about your character and who they are. You will use the answers to create a visual character sketch that gives a snapshot of who that character is. (45 minutes)

3. Based on your answers to the questions, create your visual character sketch using Adobe Spark Post. Use the icons (or photos) and text to create a representation of the character you chose. (45 minutes)

Include at least 6 ideas on your visual character sketch. You can include:

  • Quotes

  • Characteristics

  • Icons

  • Photos

  • Text

Take a look at this student sample for ideas and for further guidance with Adobe Spark Post review these steps. Include icons that correlate with the text (quotes/characteristics) you used.

For more control over your graphic, Adobe Illustrator can be used instead.

4. Share your visual character sketch as directed by your instructor.

Rubric for Successful Analysis

Consult the attached rubric in order to evaluate students' character sketches.