Create a Book Talk with Adobe Spark Video

Students create a book talk video using Spark to share key information and persuade peers to read it
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About This Strategy

This 2+ hour strategy helps students to create a digital book talk to share key information about a book and to persuade peers to read it. This strategy supports students to identify and share important information as they employ persuasive techniques and creative elements with Adobe Spark Video to convince others to read it. This strategy can also be completed using Adobe Premiere Rush.

Because Adobe Spark Video enables creativity, oral expression, and the ability to share, this strategy empowers students to demonstrate both novel comprehension and persuasive devices in a deep and meaningful way.

Supporting Tools and Resources

  • Student Sample
  • Adobe Spark Video

  • Adobe Premiere Rush

  • Editable Resource Bundle

  • PDF Resource Bundle

Outline for Teachers

120 minutes


Students analyze a book they've read recently, examining key elements, carefully considering who might benefit from reading this book by identifying intended results of readership, and planning for how they could convince those people to read it.  (50 minutes)


Students consider the information they've gathered about their novel and create a draft, on paper or using a digital method, of a book talk video. Students determine how to organize their information and how to employ persuasive techniques to encourage peers to read their selected book. Students identify the music, images, and text that they will use. (45 minutes)


Students create their book talk in Adobe Spark Video. They use these steps to guide them. Students can examine an example here, and read/watch  a tutorial here. (60 minutes)


Students share and publish their Adobe Spark Video.

Steps for Students

You will create an Adobe Spark Video book talk that clearly and beautifully displays key information about a book you have read. Creating an engaging Adobe Spark Video presentation will allow you to share about your book and convince others to read it. 

Adobe Spark Video  allows you to create beautiful, short videos and adjust the features to support your goals and intended audience.


1. Begin by identifying the key information about your book that others need to know. While taking notes using a note-taker like this one, or as directed by your instructor, consider the following: (50 minutes)

  • A brief plot summary - no spoilers!

  • A description of the main characters, and discussion of your favorite

  • A brief discussion of the themes of your book (i.e. what should readers be doing, thinking, or changing about themselves after reading this book?)

Next, dig deeper to think about your audience and their experiences. Consider the following:

  • Who do you know that NEEDS to read this book? Why?

  • How can you convince that person/group of people to read this book?

  • How does reading this book connect with the larger context of our world?

2. Using the information from your note-taker sheet, prioritize and organize your information, considering the following: (45 minutes)

  • Which pieces of the information you've gathered  are most essential to be included in your video?

  • In what order will you present the information to be cohesive and to spark a desire in your viewers to read the book? 

Carefully consider how you will order the information; what text/background colors, fonts, and images you will use. Consult the rubric as you work, to ensure that your work is aligned to the project's goals. Since Adobe Spark Video has audio recording capabilities, consider at which points of your video your viewers should hear your voice. Also consider what type of background music should accompany your book talk.

3. Build your video in Adobe Spark. Be sure to consult the rubric so you know how your final product will be assessed. Adjust the music, images, and transitions to create a visually appealing, persuasive video. You can examine an example here and watch a tutorial here. (60 minutes)

4. Share your Adobe Spark Video as directed by your instructor.

Rubric for Successful Analysis

Consult the attached rubric in order to evaluate students' pages.