Teacher Positive Reflection Board

Create a space for teachers to share highlights and positive moments they've had in the classroom
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About This Strategy

This is a strategy that provides a platform for educators to share their own personal, positive experiences that occur on a regular school day. This strategy is necessary for educators who may feel as though the hard work that they do with their students goes unnoticed. It also allows teachers to look through the lens of other teachers’ eyes and see that amazing things are happening in their classrooms as well, which serves as a reminder and motivation as to why we teach. The Positive Reflection Board can be used during plan, passing periods, during lunch, or any time the teacher has a moment to share something positive. The desired outcome would be a shift in the way educators see themselves and their students, who both play a critical role in the classroom. It’s effective because it also causes a shift in the way educators discuss their careers and their students' progress, using a more positive approach that is inclusive of the school community.

Implementation Steps

  1. Find a space teachers visit on a daily basis. This may be the teacher’s lounge, the copy center, the main office, or a common meeting room.

  2. Display teachers’ positive reflections on a bulletin board or on a poster board

  3. Add a title to your board. The title should display something about Positive Classroom Moments or Positive Classroom Reflections. Use bright and appealing colors to attract participants.

  4. If allowed, send out an email informing other teachers and school officials about this on-going process. Ask for their participation, and explain that it’s necessary for a more inclusive, positive school environment. Inform teachers to BYOS (Bring Your Own Sticky Note). 

  5. Display a few example reflections. Encourage teachers to share about positive relationships and breakthroughs with students.

  6. If the principal and/or other school leaders get involved, they may even choose a couple of sticky notes/reflections to share at a staff meeting or at professional development.