Create a Time Travel Inflight Video with Adobe Premiere Rush

Students create a video to be used as an inflight video showing a historical event they are traveling to in the past
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About This Strategy

This 2-hour strategy empowers students to create a video to be used inflight detailing a historical event they are traveling to in the past. In this strategy, students document locations, historical figures, historical landmarks, and social conditions of that time. 

Because Adobe Premiere Rush enables professional video editing, this strategy empowers students to create a documentary-style video.

Supporting Tools and Resources

  • Student Sample
  • Adobe Premiere Rush

  • PDF Resource Bundle

  • Editable Resource Bundle

Outline for Teachers

120 minutes


Students begin by selecting a historical event to time travel to, and follow the steps here to identify the key locations, historical figures and landmarks and the social conditions such as poverty, The Great Depression, or Women's Suffrage. (25 minutes)


Students complete a storyboard using this template to plan their inflight video that will play during a time travel trip.  Each frame in the template will reflect a scene they will create. (30 minutes)


Students use their storyboard and research to create their inflight video.  They use these steps to guide them. Students can examine an example here, and watch a tutorial here. (60 minutes)


Students share and publish their videos. (5 minutes)

Steps for Students

You will create an inflight video that will be used in a time machine using Adobe Premiere Rush. This video will describe  the historical event you are traveling to and include locations, historical figures, historical landmarks and  social conditions during that time.  

Adobe Premiere Rush allows you to create professional looking video and add motion graphics, narrations, images, and audio.


  1. Begin by choosing a historical event to time travel to that you will use to create your inflight video. To see what an inflight video is, check this out. (25 minutes)

    • Research and look to answer or speak to the following:

      • Historical event - something significant that happened in history

      • Location - a place to time travel to

      • Historical figures - who lived at that historical time and place

      • Landmarks - any relevant landmarks

      • Social conditions  - events that had a national or global impact, like the abolition of slavery  

  2. Plan out the scenes for your video using the template guide. Using the template guide, complete the following scenes: (30 minutes)
    • Scene 1 - Welcome your guest to the flight on Time Travel Airlines. 

    • Scene 2 - Let your guest know the destination in time  they are traveling to.

    • Scene 3 - Share information from historical figure(s) who lived at that time.

    • Scene 4 - Give your guests some information on landmarks they may visit.

    • Scene 5 - Inform guests of social conditions that they may encounter during their visit.

    • Scene 6 - Thank you guests for joining flight.

    • Aim for a video between 30-60 seconds. Be sure to review the rubric as you proceed through your project.

  3. Open  Adobe Premiere Rush to  create your inflight video using your completed template guide.

    You can examine an example here, explore guidance here, and watch a tutorial here. (60 minutes)
  4. Share your time travel inflight video as directed by your instructor.

Rubric for Successful Analysis

Consult the attached rubric in order to evaluate students' videos.