Celebration Board

Celebrate students' accomplishments
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About This Strategy

The purpose of this strategy is to create a designated bulletin board or wall for students to show their accomplishments inside and outside the classroom. It is important to celebrate students' accomplishments and what they have achieved. 

Implementation Steps

  1. Before implementing this strategy, create an area inside or right outside of your classroom or office and give it a fun, celebratory title. For example, I call it the “Keepin’ it 100” board. 

  2. Have students write a list of items they would like the board to represent. 

    • Examples: Work they are proud of, college acceptance letters, scholarships, extracurricular successes, etc. 

  3. Have students submit posts, and post students' accomplishments throughout the two months. Make sure students have a decent amount of time to showcase their accomplishments.  

  4. Change the board every two months to allow students' accomplishments to be shown without overcrowding. 

  5. Each month, give a student the chance to change the board with updated celebrations. At the high school level, one student may want to take on the responsibility of taking care of the board.