Take-Off, Touch Down Get to Know You

Need a short activity to get kids out of their seats and moving? Here's one that does both and allows them to share experiences comfortably
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About This Strategy

This is a no-hassle, quick, get-to-know-you/movement activity that requires little preparation. Students will start off in a seated position. As the teacher reads or shares a statement that is true of the students, the students will "take off" (stand up from their chairs) and then "touch down" (sit back down).

Implementation Steps

  1. Find a time in which students may be getting restless or have been sitting for a long time to do this activity. It can be as short as thirty seconds or as long as a fe wminutes.

  2. Students sit on the edge of their seats. The instructor calls out a statement. For example: "I can do a cartwheel," or "I'm an only child."

  3. If the students agree with that statement, they "take off" and stand quickly.

  4. The teacher calls out "touch down," and students sit down quickly, and the next statement is shared.

    • When using this the first time, introduce the strategy and model for students.

  5. Call out a statement that signals an end to the activity. It could be "Take off if you can share something you know about the (a topic we are going to be studying) or "Take off if you are ready to move on." This gives students a signal that the activity has ended.

Teacher Tips

We do this in my class about once a week. I typically read off 8-10 statements to do a take-off, touch down. If we have time we might have a few students share the background on why they stood up.  It is a fun way to get to know students, share commonalities, and move without needing a lot of preparation.