I Like, I Wish, I Wonder Feedback

I Like, I Wish, I Wonder Feedback Protocol supports students to give and receive critical feedback in a safe environment
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About This Strategy

Meaningful feedback can be daunting to both give and receive. The I Like, I Wish, I Wonder Feedback Protocol provides a safe platform for students to share their observations and reactions to a piece of work. By framing each statement in the first person it is clear that this is just the opinion of one person and not an overall judgement of a student's work. This protocol can be used to give feedback to individuals or to groups and is flexible in its application.

Implementation Steps

15 minutes
  1. Determine what artifact students will be giving feedback on. Examples include: written pieces, projects, or presentations.

  2. Each student should have a copy of the recording sheet and it should be clear to students that their comments must be specific and focused on the content of the artifact.

  3. Once completed, the feedback forms can be returned to the artist in question, or students can pair up and provide oral feedback to compliment their written feedback.

Lessons to Support Implementation

Explore this lesson by 7th grade Science teacher, Mariana Garcia Serrato to see how she modified the I Like I Wish I Wonder feedback protocol in her classroom.