Glow and Grow Feedback Protocol

Glow and Grow Feedback Protocol supports students to give and receive specific, actionable feedback
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About This Strategy

Glow and Grow is a feedback strategy that can be easily adapted for peer-peer or teacher- peer feedback in a private or public manner. Feedback is given in the form of glows, positive feedback, and grows, areas for improvement. Glows and grows are often given near the end of a learning cycle where students have enough time to take feedback into consideration before completing a project. Glows generally come first and more than one is given, while grows come second and must be specific and actionable. The goal of this strategy is for students to have meaningful feedback that can be used to revise work or help inform the direction of their learning.

Implementation Steps

15 minutes
  1. Determine what piece(s) of work students need feedback on. These could include written pieces, posters, projects (online or physical), or performances among other things.

  2. Who will be giving the feedback- the teacher or students?

  3. Create a Glow and Grow recording sheet (see resource below) or provide sticky notes/paper to write feedback.

  4. Allot a specified amount of time to review work and record feedback.

  5. Once feedback has been recorded, determine how it will be presented. Will students be given the papers with the feedback or will there also be a verbal component?

Additional Resources: 

Glow and Grow Explanation: Although the focus of this explanation is for self reflection, the template on the second page can be used for students to give feedback to one another. (Source: Melissa Tabor)