Newsela One Pager for Secondary Students

Students develop a text-based visual representation to demonstrate their comprehension of a text
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One Pager Explanation

About This Strategy

A One Page Poster is one of the most versatile and universal summary activities that can be used with any article on Newsela. Students can demonstrate their understanding of the article they just read by creating a poster that includes the title of the article, three relevant images, a written summary or theme of the text, five key terms, character traits, or concepts, and two to three relevant pieces of evidence, details, or quotations from the article that support the summary or the theme. One Page Posters, when paired with Newsela, enhance students' learning experience. Newsela helps to deliver the content at the appropriate lexile level to the student, which in turn, allows all students to comprehend the material in the article and participate in the activity. The One Page Poster allows teachers to quickly assess students' understanding of the article that they read. The One Page Poster is also very adaptable and can be used for any content or skill level.

Before Reading Implementation Steps

Teacher Preparation and Planning:

  1. Select an appropriate Newsela text or text set. The selected articles can be on a certain topic or they can be self-selected articles by the students.

  2. Insert the directions into the Assignment Instructions portion of Newsela, which is a Pro feature, if you do not have Pro, provide the instructions orally or through a written handout. Encourage students to use Annotations to help find information that connects to the different requirements of the One Page Poster. If you do not have Pro, you can print the article and have students annotate by hand.  

  3. Develop a rubric for evaluating the students' work on the poster and the different requirements of the finished One Pager.

    • Title of Article

    • 3 Relevant Images

    • Summary or Theme of the Reading

    • 5 Key Terms/Character Traits/Concepts

    • 2-3 relevant pieces of evidence/quotes from the article that support the Summary/Theme

Student Preparation:

  1. Assign the article or text set and include the assignment instructions.

  2. For Newsela Pro users, encourage students to use Annotations to find information that will help answer the requirements of the One Pager. Recommend to students that they can use different colors to highlight different elements of the text to match with the different requirements. For teachers who do not have Newsela Pro, print the articles and have students annotate the articles by hand.

During Reading Implementation Steps

  1. Ask students to read the assigned article or select one from the text set.

  2. Share the following directions with students:

    • Identify in the text the following information and use different colors to annotate the different requirements listed below (Based on the topic or objective of the reading, the teacher can decide which of the following elements are required on the poster and can also add other elements based on the objective of the reading):

      • Title of Article

      • 3 Relevant Images

      • Summary or Theme of the Reading

      • 5 Key Terms/Character Traits/Concepts

      • 2-3 relevant pieces of evidence/quotes from the article that support the Summary/Theme

    • Complete the Quiz

    • Students can also answer the Writing Prompt in order to answer the Essential Question for the reading or text set.

After Reading Implementation Steps

  1. Have each student develop a One Page Poster based on their annotated information from the article. The assignment can also be used as a partner activity. Consult the A Simple Trick for Success with One-Pagers from The Cult of Pedagogy resource below for more tips and ideas for one pagers.

  2. Extension: Students could be asked to present their finished One Pager to the class highlighting key information about their text and also answering the Essential Question for the text or text set.

  3. Extension #2: Students could also do a gallery walk of each other's One Page Posters and then come back to their desks or meet in small groups in order to make connections between what they read and what other students read. To learn more about Gallery Walks, consult the Gallery Walk strategy in the BetterLesson lab.

Recommended Newsela Texts or Text Sets

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  • Content Area: Social Studies/ELA

Primary Source: Thoreau's Walden Pond, Why He Left the Woods

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  • Content Area: History/ELA

What is the carbon cycle?

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