Examining Stereotypes

Part of being culturally responsive involves examining stereotypes and planning ways to effectively challenge them
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About This Strategy

The Examining Stereotypes strategy supports teachers to equip students with the ability to analyze how stereotypes are reinforced or challenged in texts, and to understand the importance of challenging stereotypes.

Implementation Steps

30 minutes
  1. Implement the Building Equity Literacy strategy in the BetterLesson lab, and keep your learnings about equity literacy in mind in order to effectively select a book, text, or article to analyze with students.

  2. Help your students identify the connection between equity and how stereotypes are either reinforced or challenged in the texts you read.

  3. Use the BetterLesson Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning (CRTL) Lesson Plan Template linked in the resources below to create a lesson plan to examine and challenge stereotypes in a way that is responsive to the needs of your learners. Select an upcoming book, text excerpt or article to analyze with your students.

  4. Design a learning experience to help students unpack and address stereotypes.

  5. Debrief the lesson(s) with your students by asking them questions such as, "What were some of your most powerful learning moments during this lesson?" and "What was most challenging about this lesson?"

Questions to Consider

  • How can you connect examining stereotypes in books with close reading?

  • If your students identified ways that stereotypes were reinforced in texts, what are some ways they might challenge those stereotypes?

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