Create a Promotional Video with Adobe Premiere Rush

Students create a promotional video

About This Strategy

In this 1- to 1.5-hour strategy students will use Premiere Rush to create a 15- to 20-second promotional video for social media based on the needs of the class using titles, properly sourced video and still images to encourage others participate in the promoted idea. 

Premiere Rush enables students to quickly turn their ideas into videos that impress. You can adapt this strategy to your desired field of study, and this strategy can stand on its own or be paired with video/multimedia strategies to further investigate any desired topic. This strategy can also be adapted for use with other Adobe products, such as Adobe Spark Video.

Supporting Tools and Resources

  • Student Sample
  • Adobe Premiere Rush
  • Adobe Spark Video
  • Editable Resource Bundle
  • PDF Resource Bundle

Outline for Teachers

60-90 minutes


Introduce students to the promotional video strategy for social media and inform them about the event, idea or topic they will cover in their 15- to 20-second video. (20 minutes)


Students write a script and collect the audio and visual resources they will need to create their promotional video. A sample script can be reviewed here. (30 minutes)


Students create their promotional videos using Premiere Rush.  They can view a sample project for reference.  For guidance on Adobe Premiere Rush students can review this tutorial series and refer to these help pages.  (45+ minutes)


Students share and publish your videos for the class to review. (10 minutes)


Steps for Students

In this strategy, you will use Adobe Premiere Rush to create a 15- to 20-second promotional video to promote a topic or event. You will implement  titles and still images to convey your story and effectively promote.

Premiere Rush enables you to quickly turn your ideas into videos that impress!


1. Your instructor will introduce you to the promotional video assignment and will provide suggestions on topics based on what you have covered in class. (20 minutes)

Prior to beginning, check out the student sample to get a sense of the promotional video you will be creating. Consider:

  • What worked well?

  • Did the visuals used help you engage with the content?

  • What would you have done differently? 

  • Did this video successfully promote the product or topic? Why or why not?

Identify the topic for your promotional video.

2. With your subject matter selected, collect information and media material you need to create your promotional video. (50 minutes)

Research and review your topic. Write down some notes based on what you want to cover and the order you want to cover them in. Once this is done, you will write a short script - really short! Remember you only have 15- to 20-seconds so keep it brief and focus on what you want to share. Here is an example student script for your reference. The student sample script invites people to attend the fictional “Emerging Technology Fair.”  Feel free to use the format to help you create your script.

With your script written, it is time to source the content you will need to edit your video together. If you are having trouble finding photos and media for your project, Penn State has put together the Free Media Library, an amazing list of places where you can source creative commons licensed and other free media resources that you should use for this or any other project!

Pro Tip: Put all photos, video and audio you collect for your project in a folder that is easy for you to find on your computer, this will save a ton of time when you start adding them to your projects.

With your script written and your photos selected, you can now create your video! 

3. Create your promotional video using Premiere Rush. For guidance, follow these steps.

Keep the following in mind when crafting your promotional video:

  • This video is built for social media and as such, people may only read it as they are scrolling though so make sure the message is conveyed with and without sound!

  • Start by bringing in some of your media. Details for starting your project importing your media can be found here.

  • Rush has different title options, which you will use to bring elements from your script into your video project  that are fully customizable. For a tutorial, click here

  • Choose a soundtrack to put underneath your promotional video; this will help things feel cohesive. Premiere Rush has quite a few music tracks built in to choose from, or you can find royalty free soundtracks using the Free Media Library.

  • Optionally, you can add a voiceover to this project if you would like. If you are recording a voice-over after the fact, be sure to record your voice-over in a relatively quiet space if at all possible.

  • Go easy on yourself, and have fun!

For more information and inspiration, watch this student sample. For additional guidance on Adobe Premiere Rush follow these steps or watch this tutorial series.  (60+ minutes)

4. Share and publish your videos for the class to review per your instructor's directions.

Rubric for Successful Analysis

Consult the attached rubric to evaluate students' promotional videos.