Sustainability In a Geographic Region with Adobe Spark Video

Students analyze sustainability in a particular geographic region
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About This Strategy

This  2-hour strategy helps students to explore the concept of sustainability in a geographic region.  With the use of primary documents, students will read and highlight important features found in evidence from the text. Students will then explain their analysis by creating a 1- to 3-minute Adobe Spark Video. You can use this strategy for any literacy or social studies classroom, and it can be adapted for individual or partner work. This strategy can be adapted for use with other Adobe products, such as Adobe Premiere Rush.

Adobe Spark Video combines graphics, audio recordings, music, text, and photos to create short animated videos. This strategy empowers students to highlight key concepts in literature to describe the importance of cultural sustainability for individuals in a specific geographic region.

Supporting Tools and Resources

  • Student Sample
  • Adobe Spark Video
  • Adobe Premiere Rush
  • Editable Resource Bundle
  • PDF Resource Bundle

Outline for Teachers

120 minutes


Teacher writes the word “sustainability” on the board. Students use a dictionary to define the word. Then students share their definition with the class. Responses are written on the board for students to reference throughout the lesson. (10 minutes)


Teacher shows the students the mentor text.  Students view each photo and respond to questions. With a partner, students share their responses. (40 minutes)

Research and Annotate. 

Students research a geographic region. The teacher may provide texts or allow students to find their own. Students annotate the text to determine important features of sustainability. If desired, Adobe Acrobat may be used for this step. (60 minutes)


Using Adobe Spark Video, students create a 1- to 3-minute video explaining their analysis of sustainability of a particular region. Students use these steps to guide them. Students can examine an example here, and read/watch a tutorial here.  (70 minutes)


Students publish and share their video.

Steps for Students

You will read and annotate texts to determine how specific regions focus on sustainability. After researching and annotating texts, you will create a 1- to 3-minute video explaining your analysis. Discussions led by the teacher will dive deeper into the concept of sustainability.

Adobe Spark Video allows you to create a video using words, images and real life narration to enhance the true meaning of sustainability in a society.


1. You see the word “sustainability” on the board. Using a dictionary or Google Search, find the definition of the word and write it on a sheet of paper. Share your definition with a classmate. Be prepared to share with the class. (10 minutes)

2. You will look at the sustainability of a particular region to understand its impact on the culture. Read this mentor text. As you read the text, answer the following questions: 

  • What things have you learned from the photo essay? What outside influences were supported in the photos?

  • How would you define sustainability from the perspective of the photos?

  • How do you think outside influences are changing the traditional way of life for the better?

With a partner, discuss your answers to the questions. Consider how the sustainability of a particular region. (40 minutes)

3. Now select a region or focus on a region that is assigned by your instructor. Research the region to determine its sustainability. Annotate the text considering: (60 minutes)

  • Does this region focus on sustainability? How?

  • How does the geographic region's climate and landscape impact sustainability? 

  • How does sustainability impact culture?

4. Using Adobe Spark, create a 1- to 3-minute video explaining how the sustainability of one’s culture is impacted by changes in its geographic region. In the video, describe the changes and what life now looks like based on those changes. (70 minutes)

Use the following criteria in your video analysis:

  • Key words and ideas from your research

  • 1 - 2 sentences per slide to support sustainability in the society

  • Video and/or voiceover to explain your perspective of sustainability in the society

5. Share your Spark Post Video with your teacher as directed.

Rubric for Successful Analysis

Consult the attached rubric to evaluate students' videos.