Cartoon Remix with Adobe Spark Video

Students create a remix of a political cartoon or image

About This Strategy

In this 1- to 2-hour strategy,  students will create a remix of a selected political cartoon or visual associated within a current unit of study using Adobe Spark Video.  This strategy allows students to deeply understand and demonstrate their comprehension by interpreting and then changing the meaning of the original visual by remixing the visual.  A remix in this instance refers to changing the original appearance of the visual by changing the text, modifying the visual 

Adobe Spark Video allows students to create video that creatively demonstrates their understanding with a unique and compelling product. This strategy enables students to craft narrated videos about geographic locations and nearly any historical concept  to effectively communicate their understanding. For more advanced videos, students may use Adobe Premiere Rush.

Supporting Tools and Resources

  • Student sample
  • Adobe Spark Video
  • Adobe Premiere Rush
  • Editable Resource Bundle
  • PDF Resource Bundle

Outline for Teachers

60-120 minutes


Students analyze and interpret the meaning of a political cartoon or image that has been pre-selected by the instructor.  The instructor may want to guide students through the initial analysis. (15 minutes)


Students evaluate the meaning in an effort to remix the cartoon or image with the intention of altering the meaning of the visual.  The remix should focus on transforming the original to drastically shift the purpose, original meaning and intention of the visual. (15 minutes)


Students create the remix of the original image with Adobe Spark Video by adding a text layover onto the original cartoon or visual.  Students follow these steps, can examine an example here, and follow this tutorial. (60 minutes)


Students share and publish their final Adobe Spark Video with a link that can be shared with their peers for analysis.

Steps for Students

You will create a remix of a political cartoon or image selected by your instructor that is related to a unit of study in our class.  Creating a remix of an image will allow you to demonstrate your in depth understanding of the original by creating a modified version that changes the original meaning and purpose of the visual.  

Using Adobe Spark Video, you will layer text on top of the original visual and will then add voice layovers on both the original image and the remix.  The voice-over will allow you to clearly explain the purpose of the original and your remixed version.


1. Examine the political cartoon or visual provided by your instructor.  Your instructor may guide you through the original examination or may ask you to develop an understanding on your own. When evaluating and analyzing the cartoon or visual consider addressing the following questions: (15 minutes)

  • What is the purpose or message of the visual?

  • What was the original purpose of the visual?

  • What is the meaning of the visual?

2. Evaluate how you might transform the cartoon or visual by changing the original purpose by adding text to the visual to drastically transform the purpose and intention of the original.  When determining how you might remix the original with text, consider answering the following questions: (15 minutes)

  • What would be the opposite  message of the original cartoon / image?

  • How can you convey the opposing message through text?

  • How can you explain via voice-over the purpose and intention of your remix?

3. Create your remix using Adobe Spark Video.  Follow the process below to create the remix: (60 minutes)

  • Add the original image to a slide in the project

  • Write a short explanation of the original image.  This will be used to create the voice-over.

  • Duplicate the original image slide to create the remix image.

  • Add text layovers on the original.  Change the location and size of the text layover as needed.

  • Write a short explanation of the remix image that explains the purpose and intention of the remix.

  • Record your voice-overs for both the original and remix.

You can see a model of the remix process and final product here and can review this guidance for using Adobe Spark Video.

4. Share your Adobe Spark Video image remix  as directed by your instructor.

Rubric for Successful Analysis

Consult the attached rubric in order to evaluate students' videos.