Our Team

Alex Grodd

Alex Grodd (Founder & CEO) is a Teach For America alum who taught 6th grade English at Roxbury Preparatory Charter School. He founded BetterLesson to address the challenges he faced in the classroom.

Erin Osborn

Erin Osborn (Co-Founder & COO) finds hope in the eagerness of inspired students. She comes from the halls of Cambridge Public Schools and the mean streets of Ed Reform organizing.

Adi Addvensky

Adi Addvensky (Director of Partnerships, NJ & NY) Before joining the BetterLesson team, Adi spent 13 years at ASCD where her role was to consult with administrators to problem solve their needs for professional learning.She is passionate about supporting educators in any way she can! Adi resides in New Jersey with her husband, 2 children, and 2 cats.

Jessi Anderson

Jessi Anderson (Instructional Coach) Jessi Anderson is passionate about empowering and elevating the profession of education. Before joining BetterLesson, she taught high school science in a rural Montana community for nine years. There she transformed her traditional science classroom into a self-paced, blended and gamified learning environment. Through social media, she developed teacher leadership skills which led to her being named the 2016 Montana Teacher of the Year.

Christopher Antreasian

Christopher Antreasian (Front End Developer) follows current trends and standards of web technology, using his findings to create fun and compelling user experiences. Chris has a passion for education and believes that BetterLesson gives teachers a community to expand their knowledge base, learning more to teach better.

Elvin Badalov

Elvin Badalov (Technical Project Manager) Elvin is a project manager with extensive experience in managing software development projects. He graduated from Clark University in Worcester, MA. Coming from a family of teachers Elvin is passionate about education and speaks 4 languages. Elvin believes that together at BetterLesson we can improve student engagement, teaching process and empower teachers to drive their own professional learning.

Cheryl Belknap

Cheryl Belknap (Instructional Coach) was an urban curriculum director in Massachusetts. She loves to learn and passionately believes in the transformative potential of education.

Romain Bertran

Romain Bertran (Instructional Coach) Before joining the BetterLesson team, Romain served as a teacher, multi-classroom leader, instructional coach, and blended guru in Charlotte, North Carolina. There he spearheaded his school's nationally recognized math blended learning curriculum, a differentiated program that delivered personalized math instruction to each and every middle school student. Romain absolutely loves connecting with teachers in-person at Blended Design Studios!

Elizabeth Brown

Elizabeth Brown (Vice President, Product Success) taught ESL to the best kids of Boston Public Schools. She is committed to promoting positive change that improves the lives of individuals and communities.

Martha Buck

Martha Buck (Coaching Operations Manager) believes in harnessing the power of technology to support teachers in the wholly human work of empowering students to realize their full potential one day at a time. Prior to joining the BL team, Martha taught math and science to high school students, and technology integration to teachers at public and private schools in New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

Emily Caram

Emily Caram (Director of Partnerships, TX, CO) After receiving a B.S. in Early Childhood Education from Texas Christian University, Emily started her career teaching at the elementary school level, ready to make a difference with students in Texas. Her love for seeing students grow and develop, especially after facing challenging obstacles, motivated her to return to TCU where she earned her M.Ed and made the transition into school administration. For Emily, it is imperative that we support teachers and educators in our country as they work with our students each day and prepare them for our changing world. Emily now works as Director of Partnerships with BetterLesson in TX and CO. She resides in Fort Worth, TX with her son and eagerly cheers on her Horned Frogs every football season.

Okello Carter

Okello Carter (Partner Success Manager) Okello began his career in education at Mattahunt Elementary School in Boston, MA, supporting instruction in a 3rd grade classroom and coordinating an extended learning program for students in grades 3-5. Okello is passionate about creating high quality learning experiences for all students, and is excited to support the remarkable work of our teachers.

Sarah Cheng

Sarah Cheng (Software Developer) Sarah is an MIT alumn who loves learning and teaching. She is a philosophy and video game enthusiast, and spends a lot of time thinking of ways to effect maximum good.

Seth Cohen

Seth Cohen (Head of Partner Success) Seth Cohen has been working toward equity, access, and opportunity for all for nearly two decades, and is excited to now be part of the BL Team. Seth started his work toward social justice as a 5th grade teacher in South Texas. Since then, he has been a coach--and has supported teams of coaches and programs across the country--all toward a broad set of student outcomes in K-12 education. As a civil rights attorney at a community-oriented law firm in New York City, Seth has also expanded opportunity for traditionally marginalized communities.

Laura Cruz

Laura Cruz (Instructional Coach) Laura Cruz believes in social justice through education and lifelong learning. She is passionate about the collaborative exploration of how students - and teachers - learn asynchronously and how teachers can leverage technology as a tool in that process. Laura joins BetterLesson after more than a decade serving in the South Bronx as an educator, advisor, and literacy specialist.

Christina Dewald

Christina Dewald (Instructional Coach) Chris is passionate about learning. She loves working with teachers to help them to discover how to tweak their instructional practice to best meet the learning needs of their students. Chris has had a diverse career that has involved teaching in PK - 12 Connecticut and Texas, educational research in Texas and Wisconsin, teaching undergraduate and graduate students in Wisconsin and Montana, and working for the Montana Office of Public Instruction as both a science instructional coordinator and data analyst.

Noelle Domeniconi

Noelle Domeniconi (HR Manager) is a graduate of the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She is passionate about education and is dedicated to supporting the hard work of teachers. She wants all students find the same joy in school and learning as she experienced.

James Dunseith

James Dunseith (Instructional Coach) rallies students and teachers to apply novel strategies to existing problems. Before joining BetterLesson, he taught in the Bronx, NY and Worcester, MA.

Chukwuma Ekwelum

Chukwuma Ekwelum (Instructional Coach) "Chuks" is a humble public servant, dedicated to putting a smile on the face of each person he interacts with! He believes that education can be a powerful tool for improving the human condition and is adamant in propagating this belief. Prior to joining BetterLesson's dynamic team, Chuks served as a public school educator and mentor for several years.

Kinan Faham

Kinan Faham (Senior Software Developer) Kinan wrote his first computer program at 7 and worked in advertising, publishing and the insurance industries before joining BetterLesson. He believes in education's ability to lift people and help them realize their dreams.

Julie Freese

Julie Freese (Instructional Coach) Julie taught middle and high school English for six years and taught in the NYC public schools, independent and Montessori schools across the country. She has experience in instructional design and has developed and written curriculum for English Language Arts and teacher professional development. She is excited to support teachers in continuous growth and reflective practice, and she feels grateful to do work where she can collaborate with teachers and facilitate their personalized professional development.

Grejdi Gjura

Grejdi Gjura (Vice President, Engineering) brings both considerable skill and practical idealism to BetterLesson, aiming to change the world one line of code at a time.

Abbey Goldstein Moss

Abbey Goldstein Moss (Director, Partner Success) began her career teaching bilingual elementary school in Texas and has since been working in K-12 public education for over a decade. She believes that great teachers have the power to transform students' lives and feels honored to be working with such an extraordinary group of Master Teachers at BetterLesson.

Daniel Guerrero

Daniel Guerrero (Instructional Coach) believes deeply in the personalization of student learning, and the strengthening of the teaching profession to build students who challenge the 21st century’s problems. He joins BetterLesson after teaching 4th and 5th grades in Miami, FL.

Natalee Hawks

Natalee Hawks (Instructional Coach) has experience working with students in K-12 settings learning English in both urban and rural settings. Before joining BetterLesson, she was the Title III Director for Montana's Office of Public Instruction and supported ESL programs across the state with an emphasis in working with American Indian students. She believes in supporting language learning through culturally relevant and responsive teaching methods.

Morgan Joseph

Morgan Joseph (Manager, Product Marketing & Sales Enablement) joins BetterLesson after a short stint supporting teachers in Baltimore City Schools. She hopes her work at BetterLesson will equip educators with tools to inspire students to persevere through challenges and dream beyond their circumstances.

Jenna Keaney

Jenna Keaney (Head Instructional Coach) is dedicated to promoting and supporting high quality teaching and learning to ensure better outcomes for all students. She is an experienced K-12 educator with a passion for improving literacy instruction.

Kelly Kennefick

Kelly Kennefick (Instructional Coach) believes in the power of education and is dedicated to helping teachers and students tackle classroom challenges. Kelly joins us after teaching 4th grade and math intervention in CT.

Lauren Latto

Lauren Latto (Partner Success Manager) hails from the great state of Oregon, but spent the last seven years living in Brooklyn where she taught English and was the Dean of Curriculum and Instruction at an amazing middle school. Lauren believes in the power of transformative teaching and is excited to join the BetterLesson team to facilitate PersonalizedPD for educators across the country. In her spare time, Lauren likes to cook, do yoga and be outdoors.

Ben Leddy

Ben Leddy (Director of Content) is passionate about creating engaging, inclusive, and effective learning experiences for students. He is a former middle school teacher and a graduate of the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Kiva Leibowitz

Kiva Leibowitz (Community Manager) loves working with children and believes in the power of education. She loves the vision of BetterLesson and enjoys supporting teachers, coaches and employees to become the best they can be.

Jeff Liberty

Jeff Liberty (Vice President, Personalized Learning) After more than two decades as a classroom teacher, an instructional coach, a new school and program developer, and a founding charter school headmaster, Jeff is thrilled to join the BetterLesson team. Born and raised in Boston and a proud product of its public schools, Jeff continues to look for ways to harness educational innovation in order to increase opportunities for all students to enjoy learning and realize their potential.

Valerie Librizzi

Valerie Librizzi (Instructional Coach) Valerie Librizzi is an experienced teacher leader, coach, mentor, and instructor who believes in the importance of helping teachers to empower their students and themselves. She began her career as a high school ELA teacher in a suburb of Boston, and since then has worked with teachers across the country to develop curricula and try new strategies in their classrooms.

Tina Lu

Tina Lu (Partner Success Manager) is passionate about helping young people thrive both within and outside of classroom walls. Prior to joining Better Lesson, Tina served as an English teacher at Josiah Quincy Upper School, a Student Mentoring and Outreach Coordinator at the ArtScience Prize, and a Program Associate at Summer Search Boston. For the past two years, she has enjoyed being a full-time stay-at-home mom but has decided to come out of retirement to join Better Lesson's mission in scaling practice change among teachers and school leaders. She lives in Somerville with her husband, two adorable and spunky kids, and loves biking to work.

Sherry MacBury

Sherry MacBury (Director of Partnerships, PA, DE, MD, DC) Sherry has 20 years of education experience having served as a teacher, guidance counselor, Assistant Principal, Principal, Assistant Regional Superintendent and Deputy Chief Academic Officer in urban school districts in Delaware and Philadelphia. Sherry's passion for supporting staff in a purposeful and personalized manner led her to BetterLesson. She wishes BetterLesson was available when she served as a Principal of two turn-around high schools in Delaware. Sherry is married with 10 beautiful children who keep her very busy!

Juan Matos

Juan Matos (Instructional Coach) Juan is devoted to improving education as a means of achieving true equality and social justice. He began his career as a High School Humanities teacher in Boston Public Schools, has also served as a teacher in the Dominican Republic and as a Middle School ELA teacher at KIPP S.TA.R. He follows a long line of educators in his family and enjoys reading, sports, and his cat.

Afrika Mills

Afrika Mills (Instructional Coach) has been an Instructional Coach and Teacher Developer for eight years. She came to BetterLesson because she believes that all teachers can be dynamic educators when provided with the supports needed to create engaging and transformative learning experiences.

Ramses Montero

Ramses Montero (Designer) comes from a background in nonprofit and public service. After spending a year teaching in the Dominican Republic, Ramses is excited to be working on technology that makes teachers’ lives easier.

Michelle Morris

Michelle Morris (Instructional Coach) Michele has taught upper elementary in Boston, MA and Munich, Germany. Additionally, she’s spent many years working as a Math Specialist in Brookline Public Schools. More recently, she’s supported two cohorts of amazing Master Teachers in the BetterLesson MTP. And now, in her capacity as a Math and Science guru, she brings her coaching chops to PersonalizedPD coaching!

Aziza Musa

Aziza Musa (Managing Director, Growth Team) Passionate about educational equity, Aziza leads a team of professional development experts who work with districts of all sizes across the country to customize and transform their adult learning programs. Prior to her current role, Aziza served as the Managing Director of Development for Teach For America-New Jersey. Aziza earned her Master's degree in Human Services Management from the University of Michigan and currently resides in Central Massachusetts with her husband, three children and their cat MishMish.

Nicki Nardella

Nicki Nardella (Partner Success Manager) is a Teach for America alum who taught inspiring 4th/5th graders in Washington, D.C. She came to BetterLesson because she believes creative and well-prepared teachers bring out the best in their students.

Matthew O'Gorman

Matthew O'Gorman (Senior Software Developer in Engineering) is a 6 foot tall ape descendant with a passion for programming. He comes from a family of educators and wants to do his part to improve tools for teachers, so they can enrich the lives of their students.

Annalisa Oswald

Annalisa Oswald (User Experience Design Lead) likes to make technology approachable and beautiful. She hails from the midwest and teaches at the Rhode Island School of Design.

Andy Pankin

Andy Pankin (Manager, Growth Team Data) | Andy taught Middle School Humanities for four years in a suburb outside Boston. He is excited to work with districts to exceed their Professional Development goals and provide world class learning experiences for students.

Betsy Peters

Betsy Peters (Chief Revenue Officer) is ever curious about learning, leadership, and educational technology so joining BetterLesson to help the company grow was natural. She is an ed tech growth guru, former school board member, and the coach to 2 Odyssey of the Mind teams in Freeport, Maine.

Katya Rucker

Katya Rucker (Strategic Manager, Partner Development) Katya Rucker (Manager of Personalized Learning Partnerships) is a Teach for America alum who taught 8th grade English and coached Varsity Track and Field at a charter school in Salem, Massachusetts. Her belief that education should meet the individual needs of students brought her to BetterLesson, where she works to build partnerships and communicate best practices with school systems transitioning to blended and personalized learning models.

Rachelle Snyder

Rachelle Snyder (Director of Partnerships, CA) Rachelle is dedicated to improving education for all students through the incredible teachers that work with them day in and day out. To make this happen Rachelle works with schools, districts and organizations across the country to provide innovative and effective professional learning experiences for educators. Prior to her role at BetterLesson, Rachelle taught kindergarten in Chicago Public Schools and served as the Senior Development Manager for the National Center on Time & Learning in Boston, MA.

Yevy Spivak

Yevy Spivak (Vice President, Product Development) searches for technological solutions to social problems and hopes his work at BetterLesson will help more kids realize the value of education.

Monica Washington

Monica Washington (Instructional Coach) has spent 19 years teaching English in both Memphis, TN and Texarkana, TX. She also has teaching experience in higher education. She has served in a number of leadership roles and has been recognized locally and nationally for her work with students and teachers. She was named Texas State Teacher of the Year in 2014, and she has always worked to improve the classroom experience for students and fellow educators. Monica loves to support teachers and inspire students to accomplish their goals.

Board Members

Jennifer Carolan

Jennifer Carolan

is a partner at NewSchools Venture Fund. Jennifer leads the Seed Fund, which was created to make investments in early-stage education technology companies with potential for big impact in K-12 education.

Vinay Mohta

Vinay Mohta

is the CTO at Kyruus. Vinay formerly served as product manager at Kayak.com, CTO at Global Health Delivery and software architect at Endeca Technologies.

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