flexible learning reimagined

Flexible Learning Reimagined

Personalized, job-embedded support to help educators meet students where they are - academically and emotionally, in classrooms or online.

The Future is Flexible and Student-Centered

The future is uncertain. Educators are supporting students amidst profound learning loss, trauma, and inequity, as the coronavirus pandemic shifts how we do school. At the same time, educators have innovated rapidly and connected with families in new ways.

We know that instruction must be student-centered – engaging, responsive, and designed to build ownership. It must also be equitable and flexible – able to adapt to virtual, in-person, or hybrid models. This moment presents us with an opportunity to build a new vision for teaching and learning.

BetterLesson supports teachers, coaches, and administrators to build the essential skills of student-centered, flexible, equitable learning – through 1:1 and small group formats, all delivered online.


flexible learning topics for teachers

Topics for Teachers

  • Social-Emotional Learning: Building Relationships
  • Family Partnerships: Working Alongside Caregivers to Deepen Learning
  • Trauma-Informed Practices: Creating Safe Spaces
  • Equity and Access: Ensuring All Students Meet their Potential
  • Flexible Assessment:  Designing Authentic Assessments to Check Progress
  • Meaningful Tasks: Designing Engaging Learning Experiences
  • Diverse Student Populations: Supporting English Learners and Students with Disabilities
  • Stop the Slide: Using Data to Address Academic Gaps


flexible learning topics for leaders

Topics for Leaders

  • Strategic Planning: Goals and Objectives of an Instructional Plan
  • Setting up Flexible PD: Shared Professional Learning
  • Academic Gaps: Using Data to Stop the Slide and Move Forward
  • Trauma-Informed Practices for Leaders: Taking a Positive Approach
  • Leading for Equity: Prioritizing Needs and Ensuring Access to Resources 
  • Flexible Assessment for Leaders: Strategically Approaching Data and Feedback


Professional Learning Experiences

flexible learning virtual workshops

Virtual Workshops

2-hour, online, interactive workshops facilitated by BetterLesson coaches that help teachers and leaders build student-centered learning communities – whether they’re teaching online or in the classroom. Using breakout rooms, participants polls, community-building, and more, participants experience the active pedagogy they can use with students. Sessions are scheduled at your convenience, accommodating small-scale to district-wide professional learning. Virtual Workshops are available on all of the above topics.

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flexible learning virtual coaching

1:1 Virtual Coaching

Individualized virtual coaching for teachers, instructional coaches, and administrators. Each coach is intentionally matched with each participant’s needs, and coaches create a personalized experience that is also aligned with district learning goals. Coaches support educators to design and implement student-centered instruction in the classroom or online, addressing anything from fundamental planning to urgent practical questions. Coaches work with educators on all of the above topics.

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self-directed flexible learning course

Self-Guided Online Course and Certificate

A 5 module online course for teachers, completed at their own pace. In “Tool, Time, Task: Foundations of Distance Learning”, teachers will learn how to set up a distance learning “space”, use instructional time strategically, and create meaningful learning tasks. Participants can watch videos from our experienced instructional coaches, explore practical templates and tech tools, and ask questions of a coach “mentor” at any time. Teachers will finish with a certificate and a concrete plan for next year- whether distance learning is a small or large part of their teaching.

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Create Your Flexible Learning Plan

We build a partnership with districts and schools to design the right set of professional learning experiences and support you over time. Together we discuss your vision for student success, select the best-fit PD topics and timeline, and review data throughout the engagement. As former educators, we want to ensure your staff feel supported and ready to take on the challenge of flexible learning.

Start by reviewing all the available flexible learning topics. Then schedule a conversation with one of our partnership managers to start to build your PD plan.


create your flexible learning plan

“The BetterLesson facilitators were excellent. They modeled how to build community and make the lesson interactive and participatory, even through the digital platform.”
— English teacher, Cumberland County Schools

OUR IMPACT: Partnership with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

In March 2020, BetterLesson partnered with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools to provide support for teachers and leaders. Within a week, nearly 700 teachers and leaders had signed up for distance learning support through a Virtual Workshop.

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"This PD has been a breakthrough for me and equipped me with resources to empower students, families, and staff." -District Leader

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