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Flexible Instructional Models

Support educators with the tools and resources they need to identify and deliver unique ways for all students to learn, communicate, and solve meaningful problems.

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Supporting Educators to Improve Teaching and Learning for All Students

Flexible instructional models are key in supporting learners to be successful in the classroom and beyond. Focusing on flexible instructional models provides the foundational support for a district-wide shift in the organization, pace, and purpose of student learning. It also allows educators to continuously innovate and evolve their pedagogy while leading to more authentic and personalized opportunities for students. When teachers and leaders have the opportunity to get comprehensive professional learning support, they’re able to make meaningful changes in practice to accelerate learning and support all students.

Essential Focus Areas for Flexible Instructional Models

To meet the needs of all learners, it’s crucial that schools shift from traditional instructional models to creating classrooms that engage students of all ability levels so that students can take ownership of their learning. Begin building a professional learning program that supports the implementation of flexible instructional models. The first step is exploring the focus areas that are key for providing teachers with the resources they need to support all students to be successful.

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Accelerating Growth

Design differentiated experiences that focus on how all students will access and participate in their learning.

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Formative Assessment and Differentiation

Assess learning, use data to inform instruction, and help students own their learning.

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Blended Learning

Create effective and efficient blended learning systems that sustainably drive student learning.

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Competency-Based Learning

Design student-centered learning progressions, set up routines that support autonomy, and provide personalized support for all learners.

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Empower new teachers to become high-quality educators through professional learning, mentorship, and leadership support.

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Comprehensive PD Plans for Educators at All Levels

Sustained changes in practice don’t happen after one-off PD days. Begin a year-long professional learning program that’s designed to provide both teachers and leaders with the skills they need to positively impact outcomes for their students. Each plan is personalized to align to your district’s strategic goals to deliver meaningful outcomes. Learning programs are built from four distinct phases to provide layered learning opportunities throughout the school year.

Design Your Professional Learning Program

Work Towards Meaningful Outcomes for Teachers and Students

All professional learning should lead to specific and impactful shifts in practice for leaders, teachers, and students. Every learning experience is tied to an outcome that can be observed and measured with data to support sustained changes in classrooms and throughout the district. 

Teachers will work towards outcomes that create classrooms where students engage in personalized learning, are able to communicate, collaborate and solve problems, and take ownership of their learning through intentional pacing and multiple methods of assessment.

Both teachers and leaders will also work towards district-wide outcomes to create schools that are responsive as they adapt and shift pedagogical practices to best meet the needs of all learners and educators.

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The Pillars of Flexible Instructional Model Experiences

All learning experiences are designed to create the most meaningful outcomes for leaders, teachers, and students. Whether it’s a Coaching session, Virtual Workshop, or online strategy, our team of Learning Designers create experiences for educators that are guided by these core principles.

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Flexible Time and Space

Intentional use of synchronous and asynchronous instruction allows students to take ownership of their learning, while having the targeted support of the classroom teacher. 

Personalized Tasks

Meaningful, flexible tasks that drive learning, build on students’ knowledge, and align to key learning targets helps meet the needs of all learners.

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Responsive Teaching

Using student data to inform instructional decisions personalizes learning and allows for targeted support and feedback to put students at the center of their own learning process. 

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Meaningful Technology

Strategic technology can provide students with context and experiences that they may not have access to otherwise, while giving them more autonomy in the learning process. 

A Guide to Meeting Students Where They Are

What keeps students engaged in school and gives them ownership over their learning? Curriculum, school culture, accessibility, and other factors play a part but every teacher has the opportunity to focus on the key component of meeting students where they are. 

In this guide, BetterLesson coach Emma Siesfeld presents seven common student challenges, from attention difficulty to rising frustration and negative thought cycles. She then offers simple, effective strategies to address these challenges, with a special focus on students with disabilities. These strategies help all students gain the strategies and tools they need to succeed in the classroom and beyond.

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Support Teachers to Build Classrooms Where All Students Can Succeed

Start building a professional learning plan that gives teachers and leaders the tools they need to set students up for lifelong learning and success.

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