Support educators in understanding how to integrate the instructional routines and resources embedded in the Open Up Resources K-8 Math Curriculum.

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OUR K-8 Math

Our Publishing Partners of Open Up Resources K-8 Math Curriculum

BetterLesson partners with both digital and print publishers of green-rated curriculum to support all educators with the implementation and adoption resources needed to effectively improve outcomes for all students.

OUR K-8 Math Published by Open Up Resources

Integrate the instructional routines and resources embedded in the OUR K-8 Math curriculum published by Open Up Resources.

Learning Experiences

OUR 6-8 Math Published by Kiddom

Support educators implementing high-quality digital OUR curriculum delivered on the Kiddom platform, creating flexibility for teachers and students.

Learning Experiences

Successful Curriculum Adoption

Implementing and supporting a successful adoption of the OUR K-8 Math Curriculum requires alignment across your district, support for those leading the change, differentiated training for your teachers, and, most of all, an actionable plan for success. Our OUR K-8 Math Curriculum professional learning programs include distinct phases of implementation to support the successful integration and use of the curriculum across your district.

Power OUR K-8 Math Curriculum Implementation with the BL Lab

The BL Lab serves as the central hub of your OUR K-8 Math curriculum implementation and other professional learning programs. Teachers can access curriculum resources, work with their coach, and track their progress towards achieving outcomes that have a direct impact on students in their math classrooms.

Instructional leaders have access to bite-sized OUR K-8 Math self-directed courses to drive ongoing professional learning in specific groups of educators or to support new teachers with a full library of research-backed strategies and lesson plans that provide differentiated curriculum support any time throughout the school year.

Administrators have a complete view of their professional learning programs and easy access to learning progress across various professional learning communities.

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The Stages of Curriculum Implementation


In year 1 of implementing the OUR Math Curriculum, educators collaborate at in-person launch experiences separated by grade bands to enable them to take ownership of a successful launch as they explore the foundational components of the curriculum. In year 2 and beyond, teachers and leaders participate in additional workshops to develop a comprehensive learning and support plan to further adopt and understand the curriculum.


Planning support is a critical step in supporting teachers to build rigor into their lesson plans. To support a long-standing change in practice, we guide instructional leaders and help build their capacity to support the adoption of the curriculum through one-to-one coaching. Teachers come together to learn how to develop impactful lesson plans. 

Assess Progress

Leaders can better support teachers using the OUR K-8 Math Curriculum when they know what positive outcomes look like in the classroom and can make informed, data-driven decisions about their professional learning programs. Learning Walks are a guided non-evaluative experience that helps leaders observe math classrooms, identify trends in practice and create a continuous learning plan, providing differentiated support based on need.

Build a Comprehensive Learning Plan, Tailored to your District’s Needs

The typical arc to successfully implement the OUR K-8 Math Curriculum is up to three years, depending on your district’s size. Our comprehensive curriculum programs incorporate in-person, virtual, group, and individual learning experiences to provide many measures of support and guidance throughout the school year. Our team will create a learning plan that is tailored to your district’s strategic plan, and includes a mix of learning experiences backed by research and focused on measurable outcomes.

Focus on Achievable Outcomes

Outcomes are the connecting thread for all of our learning experiences. Each experience is tied to an outcome that makes the change in practice tangible and impactful for students and teachers. For implementation and adoption of the OUR K-8 Curriculum, we focus on helping educators achieve the below outcomes.

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Planning for Problem-Based Math

Outcome: I leverage the curriculum’s problem-based structures to plan meaningful learning experiences for my students.

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Supporting All Students

Outcome: I integrate supports that enable all students to access key math concepts.

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Student Engagement

Outcome: I create an environment that supports students to collaborate and communicate about their math thinking.

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Launching the Curriculum

Outcome: I use the curriculum resources and structures to teach math with a problem-based approach.

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Leaders: Supporting Implementation of a Problem-Based Math Curriculum

Outcome: I systematically support teachers to use the curriculum’s problem-based structures to support student learning.

"This coaching experience was tailored to my vision and goals, amazing support and a portfolio was created to help me track my progress and learning as well as reflect on my practice. The regularly shared meetings were timed perfectly for check-ins."

"Very helpful and applicable resources. Great discussion and support to implement the strategies. I can incorporate these strategies into my toolbox as a way to organically support the work of teachers."

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Learning Strategies From Our Library

Student writes math problem.

Which One Doesn't Belong?

Support students to reason mathematically by determining which figure, diagram, graph, or expression does not belong.

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Teacher with student writing on chalkboard..

Notice and Wonder

Help students enter the content and activate knowledge in a low-stakes way using the Notice and Wonder protocol.

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Kids building with blocks together.

Number Talks

Use number talks to increase fluency by discussing and critiquing structure, patterns, and mathematical properties.

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