Understand and implement the EL Education Language Arts Curriculum to support rigorous language and literacy instruction.

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EL Education

Our Publishing Partners of EL Education K-8 Curriculum

BetterLesson partners with publishers of green-rated curriculum to support the implementation and adoption of English Language Arts curricula across schools and districts with personalized resources required to effectively improve outcomes for all students.

EL Education K-8 Published by Open Up Resources

Ensure teachers connect with the curriculum and build confidence implementing new instructional approaches with both digital and print materials for students from Open Up Resources.

Learning Experiences

EL Education K-8 Published by Imagine Learning

Utilize Imagine Learning’s digital publication of EL Education curricula to facilitate language acquisition by aligning with standards, emphasizing a student-centered approach, and integrating real-world contexts.

Learning Experiences

The Phases of a Successful Implementation

Making shifts to student-centered language and literacy practices with the EL Education Curriculum is a change that requires alignment from teachers across all subject areas, differentiated training for both teachers and leaders, most of all, planning for success. Our EL Education implementation professional learning plans are built from distinct phases to support the implementation and effective use of the EL Education curriculum and make meaningful changes for students.

Implement the EL Education Curriculum in the BL Lab

Serving as the central hub for your professional learning program, the BL Lab is where teachers and leaders can make impactful progress toward their professional learning goals. Teachers can access EL Education lesson plans and strategies, work with their curriculum coach, and track their confidence in enacting their chosen outcomes in the classroom.

Leaders gain access to a large library of self-directed courses outlining strategies for EL Education and other student-centered practices to drive personalized support for their teachers throughout the school year. Administrators have a complete view of the status of their professional learning programs and easy ways to explore the progress of different groups of educators.

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The Phases of EL Education Implementation


In year 1 of implementing the EL Education K-8 Curriculum, educators collaborate at an in-person launch experience that’s designed to provide an introduction to the EL Curriculum and support all educators to take ownership of a successful launch as they explore the foundational components of the curriculum. In year 2 and beyond, teachers and leaders participate in a virtual workshop series to develop a comprehensive learning and support plan to further adopt and understand the EL Education Curriculum.


As educators gain experience teaching the EL Education Curriculum during year 1 of implementation, they join together in collaborative virtual workshops to dig deeper into best instructional practices and how to strategically plan lessons using Modules, Skills Block, and ALL Block. During year 2 and year 3, teachers begin to dig even deeper into how to leverage the power of the curriculum to make strong instructional decisions. During this time, leaders work with an executive coach to learn how to support teachers during curriculum adoption and planning.

Assess Progress

Leaders can better support teachers using the EL Education Curriculum when they know what positive outcomes look like in the classroom and can make informed, data-driven decisions about their professional learning programs. Learning Walks are a guided non-evaluative experience that helps leaders observe classrooms, identify trends in practice, and use that information to offer their teachers personalized support. 

Build a Comprehensive Learning Plan, Tailored to your District’s Needs

Effectively implementing and learning how to best use the EL Education Curriculum can take one to three years, depending on your district’s goals and size. Our comprehensive curriculum implementation programs incorporate in-person, virtual, group, and self-directed learning experiences throughout the full school year to support both teachers and leaders from implementation to continuous success. Our team will create a learning plan that is tailored to your district’s strategic plan, and includes a mix of learning experiences backed by research and focused on target outcomes.

Focus on Achievable Outcomes

Outcomes are the connecting thread for all of our learning experiences. Each experience is tied to an outcome that makes the change in practice tangible and impactful for students and teachers. For the EL Education Curriculum, we focus on helping educators achieve the below outcomes.

EL Curriculum launch icon

Foundations of EL Education K-8

Outcome: I utilize the EL Curriculum materials to support all students with literacy skills.

Visible thinking icon

Making Learning Meaningful: Modules

Outcome: I understand the structure and purpose of the Module lessons.

Skills block intro icon

Making Learning Meaningful: Skills Block

Outcome: I understand the structure and purpose of Skills Block.

ALL block intro icon

Making Learning Meaningful: ALL Block

Outcome: I understand the structure and purpose of ALL Block.

Assessments icon

Planning for Curriculum Components: Modules

Outcome: I plan for Module lessons based on curriculum supports and student needs.


Skills Block icon

Planning for Curriculum Components: Skills Block

Outcome: I utilize microphase data to effectively plan for differentiated rotations during Skills Block.

ALL Block icon

Planning for Curriculum Components: ALL Block

Outcome: I effectively plan for differentiated rotations during ALL Block based on student needs.

"The conversations about habits of character have really impacted students. They focus more on their own learning than on 'getting it done.' Students work from the idea that although this is good, I can make it better and better."

"Our teachers who have seen the most growth are the ones who were willing to fully and completely dive into the Skills Block. They had to have an open mind, be willing to try something new, and be ready to put some things that may have worked okay in the past behind them. Their classes have soared."

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