Working with Caregivers to Deepen Learning

Focus Area: Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning


Phase: Targeted Support

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The most important people in a child’s life are their family and caretakers. As educators, we can always improve a student’s learning experience by working closely with their loved ones, and in a distance learning situation this communication and collaboration is more important than ever. In this session we will explore approaches for nurturing two-way communication between teachers and families in ways that are responsive to each student’s unique context.


The session is designed for educators in any role who are supporting students in distance or hybrid learning. 


  • 2 hours
  • Participants will need a computer with a camera and microphone.


I honor the contributions of families to create partnerships that support student success.

Learning Experience


Define the potential for a true school-family partnership, drawing on their own experiences as students, teachers and parents


Explore their purposes for and methods of communication with families, as well as how to use a mindset of “space and grace” to support partnerships


Build and get peer feedback on their plan to foster positive family relationships