Visible Thinking with Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Focus Area: Adobe

CInstructional Coaches, TTeachers

Pathway: Understanding

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Visible thinking is a key component in measuring student understanding within the classroom and providing the data teachers need to make informed instructional decisions to drive student outcomes. Using Adobe Creative Cloud Express, students can make their thinking visible by leveraging a variety of unique features to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding in a personalized way. 


K12 teachers and instructional coaches who have active logins and subscriptions to Adobe Creative Cloud Express. It is highly recommended that educators join this workshop from a computer.


I leverage Adobe Creative Cloud Express to support my students in making their thinking visible.

Learning Experience


  • Describe how visible thinking supports an equitable learning environment
  • Describe best practices for tasks that drive visible thinking


  • Explore teacher and student examples of visible thinking in Adobe Creative Cloud Express
  • Discover remixable templates that support making student thinking visible


  • Build a student exemplar of a visible thinking task for their context by using a remixable template in Adobe Creative Cloud Express
  • Share their exemplar with peers to get feedback