Varying Instructional Delivery for Engagement

Focus Area: Teachership


Phase: Targeted Support

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We all want students to be engaged in their learning. Engagement starts with an understanding of instructional delivery – the choreography of learning – and requires that the learning process has varied methods to bring learners into the content. In this 2-hour virtual workshop, we will key levers of instructional delivery that lead to student engagement as well as explore concrete strategies and examples to assess the impact on engagement.


This session was designed for teachers and para educators. 


  • 2 hours
  • Participants will need a computer with access to Zoom, a camera, a microphone, and stable Internet connectivity


I vary methods of instructional delivery and tasks to promote student engagement.

Learning Experience

  • Define the ways varying instruction can increase student engagement
  • Explore approaches and lessons that support student engagement
  • Build a plan around a specific strategy or approach