Using Technology to Make Learning Accessible

Focus Area: Students with Disabilities


Phase: Targeted Support

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Like general education, special education opens doors to all possibilities. Students with disabilities become adults that set and achieve goals with the integration of accommodations and modifications to their learning experience like instruction that utilizes adaptive devices or assistive technology, benchmarks, supplementary aids and services, or peer-involved learning environments to list a few. In this workshop, participants will understand how to incorporate assistive technology into their general education classroom routines and procedures to better support students with disabilities. Although this is not a formal training this will be a guide to support educators in being open to learning how to use and integrate assistive technology into their daily use. Data has shown that when educators understand how to use the device, have training, and have practice then they’ll develop confidence in using it with students which improves outcomes and attitudes for both students and teachers.


This virtual workshop experience is designed for educators that work exclusively with students with disabilities and educators that work with students that have disabilities integrated into the general education classroom. This virtual workshop reminds participants that all educators are special needs teachers, a core BL principle to working with students with disabilities.


I differentiate instruction to meet the needs of students with disabilities.

Learning Experience


Participants define what technology for accessibility is, explore different examples of it, how it is beneficial, and the challenges that are present with technology integration into the general education classroom.


Participants explore best practices and strategies that highlight the different ways technology can be integrated into a general education classroom setting to support accessibility.


To conclude, participants will create a plan to deliver an all-inclusive classroom practice, lesson, or daily practice to support students with disabilities in the general education classroom. A template will be offered as a guide that participants can use to plan their assistive tech integration.