Using Strategic Planning to Continuously Improve the Plan

Focus Area: Leading Through Change

CInstructional Coaches, LLeaders

Pathway: Understanding

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When teachers work collaboratively, they receive continuous job-embedded learning and professional development from their peers and colleagues that will lead to better results for their students, for their team, and for their school.  When schools support teacher engagement in Collaborative Professional Learning effectively, they:

  • Provide dedicated time for teachers to meet regularly with a clear and specific agenda focused on implementation of data-based, actionable, student-centered strategies.
  • Establish transparent, attainable goals around student achievement, and support teachers to work together in improving their classroom practice to ensure students meet those goals.
  • Support teachers to feel connected to their colleagues, the mission and goals of their school, and the collective responsibility for student success, while still openly discussing strengths and growth areas
  • Create norms and spaces that ensure teachers feel safe and comfortable openly sharing and discussing the strengths and growth areas of their practice.
  • Provide data-based professional learning supports and experiences to address the diverse needs of staff,  and take into account teachers’ voices to design the learning.

In this 1-day in-person workshop, you will delve into the design principles of the Collaborative Professional Learning domain through collaborative and hands-on activities that model best practices in creating a safe and effective adult learning space.  With support from a BetterLesson Coach, you will explore strategies that will allow you to build replicable Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) and professional learning sessions that are job-embedded, productive, and inspiring, while meeting targeted outcomes.

Learning Experience


  • key indicators aligned with Gusky’s framework for successful professional learning
  • the domain and growth areas within it to create a shared understanding and vision in the learning community
  • challenges and solutions in the creation of collaborative learning spaces
  • archetypes of adult learners to support the creation of professional learning experiences


  • virtual tools and processes that can gather feedback, support learning, and ensure teacher voice is incorporated in professional development focus and implementation
  • high-impact strategies to facilitate effective collaborative professional development and planning to implement these strategies within the participant’s context
  • targeted coaching strategies that support setting norms and our Define, Explore, Build process
  • role playing of professional learning components to practice key concepts


  • a plan for collaborative professional learning experiences in your context (e.g., PLC meetings, etc.) that align you your goals
  • learning norms and expectations for adult learners
  • indicators for measuring the success of your stated goals as a part of a plan