Using Self-Assessments to Inform Learning Progressions

Focus Area: Competency-Based Learning


Pathway: Awareness

Available July 1, 2022


In this 60 minute course, participants will build their understanding of how to use student self-assessment to guide learning progressions in a self-paced classroom.

This BL Connect course includes the following lessons:

  • Understanding the Why: We will dig into why self-assessment is a key structure in a competency-based, self-paced classroom.

  • Simple Self-Assessment Strategies: We will explore several strategies for supporting students in self-assessing their learning.

  • Building a Self-Assessment Culture: We will discuss how to set up a classroom culture that promotes student autonomy.

  • Informing Learning Progressions: We will learn about how to leverage self-assessment in inform tasks in a learning progressions.

  • Putting the Pieces Together: We will explore a strategy that combines student self-assessment with a student-designed learning progression.


This BL Connect course is designed for teachers.


I understand how to use student self-assessment to guide learning progressions in a self-paced classroom.

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