Using Data to Differentiate Small Groups

Focus Area: Formative Assessment and Differentiation


Phase: Targeted Support

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Differentiation allows teachers to create spaces for all students to master learning targets, but one of the greatest challenges of differentiation is finding time and space to plan for all students’ needs. Using data to drive differentiated grouping can be a sustainable way to provide varied and targeted learning experiences to students. 

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This workshop is designed for teachers and coaches who want to build understanding around how to differentiate students’ learning experiences by using data to strategically group students. This session would be a good fit for any educator, whether they are just beginning to transition to more formative assessment in their classroom, or they are more experienced and want to build ideas around transferring more ownership to their students.


I differentiate the material I present to students in instruction.

Learning Experience

Session E: Using Data to Differentiate Small Group


  • Build understanding around what differentiation is and how grouping structures can support differentiation in the classroom
  • Evaluate a grouping structure to identify systems to make differentiation sustainable and replicable


  • Choose a narrow focus area based on experience and explore strategies and ideas for differentiating student groups in a collaborate group


  • Plan an actionable next step for how to build a structure of differentiated grouping for their context
  • Get feedback from a peer on their plan