Using Data to Close Learning Gaps

Focus Area: Leading Through Change

Instructional Coaches, Leaders

Phase: Targeted Support

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Educators continually face the task of assisting students in bridging academic disparities. Employing data strategically and acknowledging recent experiences will enable educators to concentrate their interventions effectively. In this 2-hour virtual workshop, participants will delve into the remediation paradox, analyze various scenarios considering factors like consistency, data utilization, equity, flexibility, and stakeholder involvement, and develop strategies to support teachers in addressing academic disparities.


This session is designed for district, school, and teacher leaders who interface with school-level educators to provide instructional support, training, and leadership.


  • Virtual Workshop
  • 2 hours
  • Participants will need a camera, microphone, and a Zoom-enabled device


I create data-driven systems for accelerating learning and closing academic gaps.

Learning Experience

  • Define the “remediation paradox”
  • Explore scenarios and how consistency, data, equity, flexibility, and stakeholders play a role
  • Build and get peer feedback on a plan to help teachers address gaps